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Kids are being brainwashed into islam in schools all over America. I have been reading about stuff like this for many years. Teachers have even taken their class to muslim mosques, and the kids performed in muslim ceremonies, and even pledged allegiance to the muslim flag, and the parents did not find out about it until their kids got home, and NOBODY IS EVER FIRED FOR IT.

Most of this came about from our past MUSLIM president. Most of the high level appointments he made were muslims, and some of them were known to be associated with KNOWN MUSLIM TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS. Known muslims have been appointed in all of the federal agencies, INCLUDING THE INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES.

Your federal politicians knew obama is a muslim, and that he is an ILLEGAL (his birth certificate has been declared a fake by every expert who examined it), but they still let him try to turn America into his muslim kingdom. I suggest you ask them why they let a known muslim, and ILLEGAL, try to make YOUR county a muslim country. You can contact them at (

Please make sure you ask your kids what they learned each day is school, and tell other parents to pay attention to what their kids are being taught in their schools. If they are being taught islam, please complain to the school board, and whoever the ones are on the board that is allowing this, get them fired as soon as you can, and demand that islam never be taught in your schools again.

To find out what is really going on in America, you need to go to the web sites obama told you not to go to (Drudge Report, Breitbart, World Net Daily, Judicial Watch Judicial Watch is the organization that has been suing for information through the Freedom Of Information Act. They are the ones mostly responsible for getting hillary clinton’s emails, and other information about the crooked politicians we have.