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I have a great suggestion to all the good moral valued citizens of America... If you love your Country as we know it , under the Trump Administration, and you are a true Trump supporter,,, here is a good suggestion, to think about,,,,,,Why don't you strap on your balls, put on your big boy pants, and all Boomers, VEETS, and BIKERS and NRA members, join together, and assist the Police, by going to the cities , being rioted upon, and because all the little antifa and basement PUKES , are tearing up our failed run democrat cities,, how about we tear up the PUKES asses.. These thuggies/ PUKES are costing every, tax payer, but yet , they are probably not contributing squat, to society, other than doing their crimes, and being unfortunately born... TRUMP Followers Lives Matter... I am Proud of ALL Trump followers/ supporters, and I am Proud of our Country... I cannot like, nor respect , any PUKES that tend to destroy any portion of America or our FLAG...

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