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1st it was FB deleting my State of the Union video that was over a year old because of 2 BS copyright claims from 2 different liberal media giants, Now YouTube just suspended my account for 2 weeks for a video that is more than 30 days old, they claim violated their bans about talking about problems with the 2020 elections. There's just one problem, the video they claim violated this policy never spoke in any way about the 2020 elections. If this video was really in violation then why did it take so long for YouTube to act?

This is my second strike on YouTube the 1st was a 7 day suspension for spreading medical misinformation even though I was quoting from several governmental reports, medical journals and the CDC

This is my I'm keeping a backup repository of my 2021 shows at RUMBLE and the link to this offending video is https://rumble.com/vdi1id-the-jack-alexander-experiment-feb-2nd-2021.html

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