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Update for Dean Heller from the Founder of

  • My wife and aIready voted!
    I just sent an email with the voting locations and reasons to vote straight Republican to the employees at the business!
    We scheduled a Red Wave Victory Party for Tuesday night at our home!
    I built as a Conservative alternative to Facebook with every MAGA candidate listed by State for all 50 States!
    We donated as much money as we could to help us to win!
    I'm predicting that we will have 55-60 Senate seats and 240-250 House seats when all the votes are in.
    We need to watch closely for voter fraud and intimidation and upload video to so we can forward it to Hannity, etc.
    My wife, our Press Secretary and I have worked diligently behind the scenes this year to ensure a Big Red Wave!
    I'm Confident that we will prevail! 
    Wishing us VICTORY tomorrow!
    And then we will set our sites on 2020!!!!!!
    I am available, so let me know if there's anything else we can do to help ensure as Big of a Red Wave as possible!!!!!
    It's every American's duty to do what we can do to defend our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and I for one will continue to fight, every day, with all I have to offer!



    Rob Raskin


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