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Attention Libs: Stop Whining and Start Working for Your Country

  • Hey Democrats, want free healthcare and college? Here’s one way to get it: guard the border.

    Approximately 26 countries have compulsory military service, including Israel, Norway, and even Mexico, though whether or not this applies to males only varies by country. In the US we do not have compulsory military service, but we do have a requirement that all men between 18-25 register with the Selective Service System just in case we ever have a draft. That means if we are at war and there is a need for a large number of soldiers, they will have to be trained during the time of immediate need. With compulsory military service, able-bodied young men, and possibly women, would have already received such training.


    Compulsive service to our nation does not have to be strictly military. Young people could opt to volunteer in any branch of the military or to work in government offices. There is so much our country needs, from secure borders to better roads. Why can our youth travel to other countries to build homes for the poor but not do that same thing here? By getting involved with our communities, we do become a part of them, and we gain increased understanding of how our actions can affect society.


    Today the generational gap is wider than ever, and the gap between Democrats and Republicans has grown wider right along with it. The Democrat party enjoys a sizable point advantage among Millennial voters, and this trend isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Unfortunately for the country, voting starts at age 18, but the wisdom to understand that everything isn’t really going to be handed to you for free is something that only comes with age. Perhaps this age could be lowered if young adults were given the opportunity to give to their country instead of always taking, taking, taking and asking for more.


    Arguments against compulsory military service tend to focus on the rights of what society owes individuals, without any mention of what individuals owe society. What is wrong with requiring citizens to briefly contribute something to society as young adults and placing the sovereignty of the state above the sovereignty of the individual? After all, without the sovereignty of our state we will hardly be free individuals.


    Some opponents of compulsory service object because they claim it will interfere with education. The way our system works now, young people tend to choose the military or college after high school, but not both. When this happens, we end up with a dearth of citizens who are both well-educated and have received military training. Could this be where the root of our current Liberal elite college corruption and indoctrination lies?  


    The Benefits of Service

    Let’s face it, no one wants to serve their country when they could be vomiting off a balcony during Spring Break. Even though compulsory military service is not a frat party, it does offer numerous benefits to individuals and society. These include:

    • exposure to people from different backgrounds
    • reduction of our bloated government
    • training in a wide variety of skills
    • training in weapons handling
    • the promotion of equality
    • increased patriotism and understanding of how government works
    • the understanding that freedom isn’t free and is something we must work for
    • equal distribution of the burden of military service 
    • increased national security
    • the understanding of what it really means to say it’s time to go to war


    The Thirteenth Amendment

    Amendment XIII states that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. It also states that Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


    A case has been made for compulsory military service being a violation of the 13th Amendment because it would force citizens into involuntary servitude. This argument is only valid if you accept that civil or military volunteer work as a form of slavery instead of community service. If this service involved a salary, as military service does, the argument that it is slavery becomes even weaker. Hillary Clinton’s book is titled It Takes a Village, but Democrats don’t seem to have much of an understanding of what that means. It does take a village to raise our children safely so they can grow up to be productive citizens instead of becoming Liberals who want a nanny state to pay for everything for them. How else are we supposed to become a village if we do not participate in or contribute to said village?


    Even if you’re too Liberal to admit it, we all benefit from border security and increased participation in our great society. So Liberal Millennials, get to work. 

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