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The making of a communist nation !

  • Greetings to my Christian American patriots 3%ers tea party freedom fighters.
    The making of a communist nation !
    I was channel surfing earlier and I was amazed at the amount of young and even older Ignorant and Misinformed Individuals, who have been manipulated by the Communist Party,And their Agents of Deception the Mainstream Media! to Protest Against the Majority of the Country, Because of a Handful of Bad People!
    They want to punish and hold accountable millions of individuals Who Have Not Committed any Crimes Whatsoever!, in Retaliation for Situation that has been Manipulated by a Particular Political group of People that Caused that Crime !
    They Do Not Want To Hold The People Who Caused That Crime Accountable, they want to Hold Innocent Individuals who Had Absolutely Nothing To Do with the Crime at all!  Because the Agenda was Created by the Communist Demonic Islamic Democratic Party trying to manipulate the just and fair laws of the United States of America, so that they can destroy this nation!, And create yet Another Holocaust in history !!!
    They have even gone as so Far as to Rewrite Local Laws, that are not fair or just that Violates Constitutional Law, Only for the Purpose To Create Criminals, so that their Constitutional Rights can be Confiscated by the Politically Corrupt! Politically Ignorant, and Historically Bankrupt Misinformed individuals !
    As I watched for a brief moment as the political operatives (Reporters for the mainstream media ) fuel the fire of a protest, trying to destroy a free people's rights !
     I thought to myself imagine IF this group of people got together and was actually sharing knowledge, how much greater our community would be, if they were sharing and learning truth, Versus Political Manipulation and Deception of the truth !
    And then the realization sank in, that is Exactly what's coming next the removal of knowledge! To create a greater ignorance in society!
     That's how it always goes, unarmed them and then remove all of their knowledge, and finances and you created the poorest group of individuals in the world !  No way to defend themselves! And no knowledge to think themselves out of the situation !
    It's not hard to predict the future, when the same crimes of humanity repeat themselves over and over again, the same tactics, the same evil individuals, repeating the history that they do not know !!!
    The Communist strategy is, take over the education process, create an army of the ignorant, divide and conquer, then slaughter any intellectuals and leaders that are left !
    And you removed any possible challengers that are left !  And I'm sure DNA testing will remove any that do not qualify to live !!!
    With the help of some corrupt doctors, every good communist nation needs corrupt Scientist and 
     doctors !
    BILL Sharpe.

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