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Media biased against the NRA.

  • Greetings to my Christian constitutionalist patriots, 3%ers, and tea party freedom fighters.
                                                                              Media biased against the NRA.
    It's getting to the point now where the American people cannot get credible news stories from the mainstream media at all! About the only thing that they get somewhat correct is the weather, and even that has a political bias to it!
    Every time I hear the mainstream media condemn the NRA like they’re speaking about some organized crime, or perverse, or deviant group of people, I think to myself the NRA is NOT the American Bar Association; that's organized crime, and a perverse organization; the NRA is NOT the Democratic Party… that's also organized crime and is a perverse anti-American organization!
    You know the mainstream media is totally out of control, and they are a political organization manipulating the politics of the United States of America for their own financial political gain! The mainstream media needs to be investigated at the highest levels of government. Our country cannot afford to have these biased and prejudiced organizations manipulating the public and condemning certain groups of individuals BECAUSE THEY DO NOT FIT IN TO THEIR POLITICAL IDEOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY!!!
    Here's a newsflash for the mainstream media: the NRA IS the American people; it's OUR VOICE, stating that we are holding onto our constitutional rights and freedoms and WE are NOT LETTING GO. As an American citizen, I would rather see the mainstream media SHUT DOWN than see the NRA abolished!
    The mainstream media is NOT the “opinion of the American people”. It's groups like the NRA and Judicial Watch who are the VOICE of the American people. The mainstream media does not inform people. They manipulate people with this disinformation, and should be considered part of a HOSTILE POLITICAL ORGANIZATION and not independent at all!!!
    They're trying to make the uninformed American public believe that their opinion is the majority opinion in their news topics, but it is NOT, and they use this public service to DECEIVE the young and the ignorant!!!
    – Bill Sharpe