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protesting their own demise !

  • Greetings to my Christian constitutionalist patriots 3%ers and tea party freedom fighters.
    Well the Communist Demonic Islamic Democratic Party has gathered their army, they have their battle cry now, confiscate all guns !  Their mouthpieces and the loudspeaker of the mainstream media orchestrated this rally along with the financial support of the Communist Party, no doubt George Soros, And the Communist demonic Islamic Democratic Party ! 
     But one has to be amazed at how bad our educational system has let down our citizens, to create such a mass wave of ignorance is just amazing, it's like somebody rang the dinner bell let's stand together for ignorance and stupidity, here's another bad idea let's all jump off the bridge, and I wish they would jump off a bridge, apparently Maybe if they hit their head they could knock some sense into themselves.
    There are none of these mascots for the Communist party, that could hold a candle to any of our founding fathers intellectual ability or thoughts about liberty and justice, it amazes me that so many ignorant and mentally ill people could come together like a bunch of  mindless zombies, protesting their own demise !
    I don't know how any person with a little bit of intellectual ability would be manipulated like this.
    But mind control is all about controlling one's feelings! tricking one's senses of reality to believe and Illusion, and this happens to be an illusion of false security, if you give up your liberties for security, you end up with neither, I believe George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, or Benjamin Franklin made that quote,  
    And that quote is as true today as it was when they made it, they wrote our Constitution to protect us from these individuals we see today, to protect us from mob rule,and democracy is mob rule !
    Fool's multiply when wise men are silent!
    Bill Sharpe.