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Stolen knowledge! Part one

  • Short Story By
    Bill Sharpe.
    Greetings fellow American Christian patriots and constitutionalist.
     Have you ever Wondered What the Laws Were Like for the Founding Fathers?, Well This Is That Story !
    This is the story About the king's Rule of Law, And how it affects everybody's life in every country on the planet Earth !.
      This is the story of and the origins and definition of This Word !.  
                                     F , YOU, SEE ,  K ?
    IN the Kingdom the King Wishes to Remain King and must Stop all Challenges from Any Rivals, be it in His Immediate Family, or from rivals in the community in which he holds power over and is responsible for.
    SO All Kings Establish some form of the King's rule of law, and it goes like this.
    It's Started as and is called Fornication Under Control of the King, most people will tell you that they've never heard of this, I wonder why?
    This Was the First Rule of Law and was designed as Birth Control to Stop the Peasants Servants and Slaves from Out Numbering the King's Family, so the king And or His Family Could Remain in Power and the King would keep control over his slaves and peasants!.
    But this king's rule of law didn't work very well because people being animals, the only thing that we know that were doing right is reproducing, Well most people Anyway ! The king had his Regulators or Noblemen( Today known as lawyers)  Add some more regulations to this rule of law, the first thing they added was all food was under control of the King ! Like we have here in the United States the FDA.
    The Second regulation they Added was all Farms Under Control of the King, this was to make sure that the Farmers Weren't Hoarding food and Growing their family Bigger or Using it to Feed their Friends or other relatives ,and increasing the size of their family ,Or Creating Political Influence. Like we have here in the United States the Bureau farms and land management, and also the agricultural department, and the Commerce Department that controls what farmers can grow and what nations they can Sell that food to.
    The Third regulation they added was All Finances would be Under Control of the King, so that no one Could Hire Mercenaries from outside the kingdom to overthrow the king, or gain too much Financial Power to Challenge the king, again like we have here in the United States the banking commissionFederal Reserve, and of course the Main Form of Finance Control Taxes the IRS, And also the creation of currency to keep track of the money !.
    The Next regulation that was created was all forest and everything in the forest under control of the King, and this was designed so that the people couldn't run into the woods and live off of the land, and grow a family so that the king could not keep an eye on or know how much resources the family was taking out of the forest, so again like we have here in the United States the Fish and Game Commission, the Forest Commission, and other commissions so that  everything that comes out of the forest, include all natural resources, Minerals like gold and coal and there's regulations and taxes involved in all of this, For example the EPA can stop anyone from gathering resources from the environment !.
    The next regulation that was Created was All Firearms Under Control the King, the King And his regulators didn't want anybody challenging There power And The king and his regulators wanted to make sure that They were the One's who would win any confrontation! And of course in the United States we have the Bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms !.
    At the end of all these regulations was the real big regulation, one that will control all families, their faith, and all of their freedoms and that was,
     All Freedoms Under Control the King !
    Most people Will say that they have never heard of the King's rule of law, well there is a Four Letter Word an Acronym that most of us have heard of, and when we hear it we find it to be perverse crude and rude, usually describing anger !
     This four letter word starts with F and ends with K, and all U need to do is C and add these four letters together and then you will know the origins of This four letter word !.
    You Would Think that this King's Rule of Law is Really Bad, after all our founding fathers lived under this king's rule of law, and that's what was so Instrumental in Creating the Constitution Of the United States of America and the Freedoms And liberties for all Americans, but just like in the kingdom there were problems with the Regulators and or the Attorneys, Congress and the Senate !.
    You see These Individuals Wanted the Same Power and Wealth As the king ! So they Started Stealing and Creating More Regulations that Created more burden upon the Servants in the Community And the Common people, and this Caused Backlash Revolution and Attempted Coups TO Overthrow of the Kingdom !
    You see these regulators or lawyers created more Regulations and Unjust Laws that Create Wealth just for them not the king or government!, that's why in our Constitution only Congress is permitted to write laws, and any other laws and regulations that are created by any other organization are unlawful and not authorized by the citizens !
    These regulations have led to an Unseen Power Overthrowing Our Nation, by the Theft of the Wealth of Our Nation for a Political Organization, to Enslave the People Once again by the king's rule of law !