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Stolen knowledge part two

  •  Part 2
    You See the King's Rule of Law was Also Designed to Stop Famine and Unrest and War in the Community, if the People Cannot Control the Growth of the Population on Their Own the King was Forced To !
     In the United States we have something called Planned Parenthood, now you know why the government allows This to take place !
    Because if the King did not Police the People, They would Eat All the Resources and Cause Famine, The People would start migrating to Other Kingdoms and start Consuming the Resources of the Other kingdoms, and Then The King from the Other Kingdom Would take this AS an Act of WAR, and attack the kingdom from which these individuals Came from, because NO King Wanted Added Pressure from the Peasants from the Other Kingdom !
    If you look around the world and You Study the History of All the Nations, you will see countries like Russia, China, and Even America Allow the Execution of millions of people, HERE in America the Native Indians Were Eliminated by the Millions, Russia killed about 16 to 30 million of their own people, and China did likewise!
    They do these things because they Have to Kill Off the Real Leaders And reduce the Threat of Revolution !
    Now these Regulators who wish to have the Same Power and Finances As the king, because of their Greed and Lust for power, they start Robbing from the Ignorant citizens who just wanted to live life and be left alone! They create so much pressure in the community by the theft from the common people, that the people would start starving and start stealing from each other, and this caused the need for another organization to come in and Police the Citizens ! And what we call this in the United States of America is the Criminal Justice System! Crimes Created By the Elitist Paid For By the Common Citizen, for the Burden of the Lifestyle of Those who Lust for Power and Money!
    You see these regulators lawyers Senators Congressman Barristers of all nations are responsible for creating crime and poverty in all the communities, and this is use as a tool not only to control the common people, but also to create an Army of individuals who Believe that what they are Doing in Policing the Community is just an somehow Fair!, They Never Look to See Where the Crimes were initiated! and Who Created the Burden to Create Crime !
    These people in power seek out those with ,the Hero Syndrome or the Hero Complex to work for them They DO Not want these individuals coming after them, so they Tricked Them to Work For Them !
    Most of the people with the hero syndrome or complex, are in law Enforcement or the military, because of the nature of who they are, It's not a bad thing!
    Some of these people have psychological and mental conflicts Because at some Point and Time in Their Life, They Come to the Reality that who they may have been Working For May Not Have Been The Right Thing To Do, but at the time in their lives They Did Not Know Any Better.
    The Elitist in Government put so Much Pressure to Survive on the Common Citizens, The Common Citizens Turn On Each Other To Survive, because of limited resources and the Theft of Those Resources BY The Elitist Means there is NEVER Enough for the Common People!, and because it's in the best interest of the King and Governments They Do All That They Can Do to Keep This Pressure UP on the Common Folks, IT Behooves Them to Have The Common Citizen Argue and Fight Amongst Themselves, AND Not Focus On The Real Criminals And The Creators Of Crime in their society.
    If you look at the Obama administration and the Communist Demonic Islamic Democratic Party this is Their Goal to keep the average people, of all races, gender, and religion fighting among themselves, So that these criminals Pretending to be good and Righteous are In reality the true evil in our society !!!.
    Our founding fathers knew these things from living under the king's rule of law and knew that it did not work, they knew as long as they lived under this tyranny they would be nothing more than slaves, and farm animals to the elitist of the world !
    So when the opportunity presented itself to a handful of the most intellectual commoners probably the Bastard children of Kings , our founding fathers had nothing to lose just like us today.
    This was the only nation in the world Not Owned or Run by Kings, until it was Retaken in one of the early Wars in 1812 ,36 years after the Revolutionary war !
    They Took It From Within Placing their Agents into Our Legal and Political Systems to Undermine every Facet of OUR Rules and Laws that were created by our founding Fathers To Keep All Men FREE Equal Just and Fair And to Perverse Our Constitution.
    The king's rule of law, is the birthplace of communism !!!
    When the King's Rule of Law is Applied To Your Life Then and Only Then Will You Understand What the True Meaning of This Word Really IS !
    Anyone who says that our Constitution Was Not Written By Christian Ideology and Philosophies of What Government Should Be, Has No Idea Of What Took Place in the History of the Human Race Before! This Great Crusade of Freedom was Born Here in the United States of America !!!.
    When Robots Can Do The Work of Humans, The Great Slaughter Will Begin !!!
    I challenge everybody who have read what I have written, to share it with one person.
    When I wrote this story about the king's rule of law, I Was Not Aware that I Was Writing The Story About Agenda 21 !!!, I was writing about My observations of the mechanics of the politics that have taken place within the United States of America from the birth of our nation,to our liberties and our freedoms, to the current times and what is taking place  Today!!!
    Check out, Agenda 21 Rosa Koire on youtube
    Bill Sharpe.