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Communist Demonic Islamic Democratic

  • Greetings to my American Christian constitutionalist patriots 3%ers and tea party freedom fighters.
    As an American citizen watching what is taking place in America today, it's like sitting back and watching what took place in Germany and Europe in the mid-1930s, the preparation for some mass Holocaust to take place !
    The Communist Demonic Islamic Democratic Party, has corrupted everything that they touch !
     They Have Corrupted our School Systems, from our Colleges and Universities to our Elementary Schools !
    They have Corrupted our Law Enforcement at the Highest Levels in Our Government,from the FBI, to the CIA, All the way to the Department of Justice All have  Been Compromised of Credibility and Moral stability By These Individuals!
    Almost Every Department of Government Has Been Affected !, from Homeland Security,TO the IRS, the Bureau of Land Management, The ATF, the Criminal Justice System,to the Environmental Protection Agency, to the Department of Health and Human Services.
    Every Government Agency that there is a Democrat in control of, be it on the State. Local or Federal Level, They Have Perverse and Have Corrupted the Entire Process for Any Average American Citizen to Receive Liberty and Justice under the Ideology and Philosophy of the Democratic Party!  Which is nothing more than an  International Organized Crime Syndicate, Headed up by the American Bar Association and their affiliates !!!
    The Democrats or Communist are trying to turn the United States of America into a penal colony once again, a nation that penalizes its citizens by creating laws to enslave them by turning the government into a weapon to persecute its Citizens into Submission !
    They have corrupted most of the mainstream media and even social media, by embedding their Political operatives into these organizations or entities !
    The Democratic Party is the party of crackers, and the Other Definition of Crackers is A Man With The Whip, have you hear Or have you felt the crack Of suppression ,  or have you heard and seen the crack of the whip on your fellow citizens back !!!
    Have you heard our citizen say I can't breathe !
    There Sole Intent is to Destroy a Constitutional Citizen Controlled Government !!!
    How much longer will the American citizens turn a blind eye ?
    Bill Sharpe.

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