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Defending Christianity

  • Greetings to my American Christian constitutionalist patriots 3%ers and tea party freedom fighters.
    The first amendment was written and designed to protect free speech, but what free-speech was it deliberately designed to protect? There must've been some speech some story that was so important that it had it be protected At all cost by this new government!
    It was Designed to protect Christians so that they could tell the story of God and Jesus! They Had been persecuted around the world in every country every nation and every land!
    The second amendment was to ensure that they could defend their right of free speech to tell the story about God and Jesus knowing that they had the ability to defend the story of God and Jesus, and more importantly God's word!
    They knew this because of the past history that when God's word was being spoken and shared, Evil was coming to try to silence it and had no restrictions to what force it would use to silence the ministers of God, so therefore the ministers of God needed to be Armed and defend their beliefs in GOD!
    The fourth amendment and the rest of the amendments were designed so that people could not be tortured and forced to give up the secrets contained within God's word the Holy Bible!
    Not everyone can read God's words as they were intended to be read and understood By God's hand picked ministers, and that's why we have so many false churches and ministers today.
    I hope and pray that you understand why the Constitution of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights were written and designed the way that they were, Because they were designed and engineered to protect and to Defend Christianity and the seeking of a spiritual Relationship with the knowledge with God!
    SO my friends the real reason that the Constitution of the United States of America is under attack, is actually an attack against God and Jesus and the followers of the Holy Bible and God's word!
    And if you look at these individuals for who and what They are,  They're not Christians! and they are not people who want to be Christians!
    They are people who wish to destroy Christianity! And these people are exposed by the holy Bible as the enemies of Christianity Jesus and God!
    Now you should know who our founding fathers were, and understand what they were defending, and understand why they wrote the Constitution in such a way that they did, it was to protect and to defend Christianity and the word of God!
    From the lost souls! Who do not want to believe that God and Jesus loves them and wishes to restore their souls.
    Bill Sharpe.

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