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Vocations Of Magistrate & Missionary Divergent At Core

  • For decades, secularist and religious progressives have urged their more theologically conservative counterparts to recognize a distinction between those that administer the affairs of the state and those that administer the affairs of faith.


    However, with the Trump Presidency, it has become evident that what is meant by that admonition is that those that hold to traditional notions of piety are instead obligated to surrender to leftwing policy proposals.


    This is particularly evident in an article posted at titled “Why evangelicals should rethink Trump gospel”.


    For example, the article says, “The Great Commission assumes the the faithful make disciples everywhere, including so-called S-hole countries.”


    No Christian says otherwise.


    However, the vocation of the President is not that of the frontline missionary.


    The role of the President foremostly is to protect the well being of the nation he governs and those legally dwelling within its boundaries.


    Nowhere in Scripture are entire nations obligated to lower their standard of living because others are insufficiently governed.


    One of the most prominent critics of the Trump Presidency is none other than Pope Francis.


    So before CNN gets on its high horse about Evangelical voters, if the Pope is such a fan of unbridled immigration and refugees, shouldn't the world's most influential media organization ask why the physical holdings of the Vatican are not being utilized to house these weary souls but instead remain open as what is essentially one of the world's oldest tourist traps?


    God is not the one that needs those finely furnished structures.


    After all, Acts 7:48 assures that God does not dwell in houses built by the hands of man.


    Perhaps as the alleged Vicar of Christ, it is about time the Pope did the same.


    By Frederick Meekins