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Media Reprobates Target Hallmark Wholesomeness

  • The Hallmark Channel intends to produce more homosexual content after being accused of lacking cultural and religious diversity.


    Will similar criticisms be made against Black Entertainment Television?


    The network's very name doesn't exactly ooze with diversity and inclusion.


    Do Univision and Telemundo intend to schedule significant English programming blocks?


    Will Lifetime network produce an abused spouse drama sympathetic to a mistreated husband saddled with child support payments that he cannot afford or beyond reasonableness not about providing necessities for the children but about keeping some banshee in luxury?


    In regards to religious diversity, just how popular are Islamic romances of the sorts Hallmark seems to specialize in?


    Would titles such as “How Many Goats Will You Pay For My 11 Year Old Daughter?” be ratings bonanzas?


    In terms of Judaism, if we want to go the route where everything must be construed through the lens of diversity and multiculturalism where it is apparently in the metaphorical sense the color of skin that counts rather than content of character or at least creative ability in terms of media production, perhaps it should be considered an act of cultural misappropriation given the noticeable number of Jewish media professionals seeming to profit from a Christian religious celebration, a faith many of them actively undermine the remaining seasons of the year.


    For decades, those expressing concerns about the increasing levels of depravity depicted on the small screen were told to turn the channel or switch off the television entirely if they were disturbed or offended by what they happened to see.


    Perhaps it is about time the sophisticates handing out such advice heed it for themselves.


    By Frederick Meekins