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Plague Turns Thoroughgoing Relativists Into Fanatic Absolutis

  • A public service announcement part of the New York Tough propaganda campaign insists that one does not wear a mask because it is the LAW but because it is the law of nature.


    So what if the only reason an individual wears one is to avoid confrontation with the Barney Fife’s of law enforcement and retail security?


    If the issue is not about obeying the law but rather philosophical agreement, why the threat of punishment for noncompliance?


    Then there is the issue about the laws of nature.


    Can it be explained what law of nature prevents a microorganism from floating through a gap in the fabric?


    Is similar to a mosquito buzzing through a chain link fence.


    It is stated in a PSA that concealing one’s countenance is not so much about preventing the spread of illness but rather about “showing respect”.


    At the conclusion, it is revealed that this propaganda is being spewed by the State of New York.


    One of the foremost complaints of the sorts that deliberately make that jurisdiction’s primary metropolitan cesspool their place of residence is that the denizens of the much-maligned “fly over country” tend to impose a traditionalist morality upon others.


    So if it is acceptable for the Cuomo regime to spread this message beyond the boundaries of the Empire State, perhaps the State of Florida needs to produce a similar spot extolling the virtues of individuality where each person should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not a mask is the best way to address what we are repeatedly indoctrinated ad nauseam to the point of nausea is a public health crisis.


    By Frederick Meekins