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Liberals Don't Believe Eco Claims They Accuse Conservatives Of

  • An article published in the 11/2021 issue of the New Republic is titled “Climate Of Ignorance: How much evidence of climate change will the right dismiss?”.

    Does this media dinosaur intend to publish a similar diatribe condemning the even greater environmental hypocrisy of the totalitarian progressives such as the author ending the column with the call for Americans to cut back on meat consumption?

    For while those of this perspective ensconced among the ranks of the technocratic intelligentsia might articulate the expected platitudes, their actions profess a creed quite different.

    For example, if the likes of the Obama’s and the Biden’s really believed in the dangers of sea level rise, why do they have this propensity for expensive beachfront real estate?

    If the ruling elites were really concerned about the consumption of resources and the resulting pollutants, why wasn’t the recent Climate Change Summit in Glasgow instead conducted online since most in attendance no doubt had access to high speed Internet?

    By Frederick Meekins