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Random Observations Of The Thanksgiving Parade

  • The "Today Show" has a "Today Show" all day streaming channel. The program is barely watchable in the mornings.

    Do the Woketopian thespians intend to articulate one of their conniptions about the cultural misappropriation of casting a Black girl as Little Orphan Annie?

    Number in the parade from a musical about the wives of Henry VIII. Doubt they actually paraded about in miniskirts and that one of them was Black. Do feminists intend to toss a fit about trivializing the complexities of the lives of these historical figures? Interesting how statues of others are toppled for less.

    Isn’t there something inherently racist about making Al Roker walk the parade route every year? Are Samantha Guthrie’s feet merely painted on?

    A number on the parade from the Moulin Rogue musical. Nothing says “Thanksgiving” more than a production that gives off the vibe of being set in a Parisian whorehouse or strip club.

    So you gathering to eat Thanksgiving dinner with your family is still so fraught with danger of Plague that children are being encouraged to scarf down their meals in order to get their masks back on but crowds squashed together along the concrete canyons of New York City do not constitute a potential super spreader event?

    The Ann Richards School Marching Band. “PPPOOOORRR GEORGE couldn’t help it.  He was born with a silver foot in his mouth. “ What’s next, the Ted Kennedy Center for Sobriety?

    So you have a segment on the parade beating viewers over the head with White guilt about “colonialism” followed by a float depicting pirates. Like something out of the Simpsons in terms of comedic irony. Pilgrims condemned. Pirates celebrated.

    Sinclair Oil float. If fossil fuels are so evil, isn’t this the equivalent of a Marlboro Man balloon?

    So there is a troop of American Indian dancers in the parade spreading White guilt propaganda about the theft of colonialism and then later a float celebrating Mount Rushmore.

    Song about a girl that will stay with someone who buys her stuff. Will there be a companion song in the parade sung by a dude how a dude will stay with a woman if she does his laundry and scrubs his floors?

    Oversized heart depicted on the Ronald McDonald balloon. Apparently a life of conspicuous cholesterol consumption has caught up with the fast food clown.

    At a number of moments during the parade, images were imposed upon the screen of things that were really not taking place. Makes you wonder how often this trickery is applied to so-called news coverage.

    The world’s largest indoor waterpark apparently at Kalahari Resort. Wouldn’t a desert theme be more appropriate?

    Apparently maskless crowds at the Sturgis motorcycle festival spread Plague but maskless crowds along NYC parade routes do not.

    Hockey float. Perhaps sponsored by the dental implant association.

    Let's hope the multiverse storyline in the upcoming Spider-Man movie does not ruin Marvel the way the Crisis On Infinite Earths dealing with a similar topic ruined the CW DC shows.

    Does Smurf Village violate Equal Housing Opportunity Regulations being so exclusivistic in terms of marketing and demographics? After all real estate types get in trouble over terms such as “view” and “master bedroom”.

    If the Macy’s parade is a reflection of the company’s stores, no wonder the retailer seems to be on its last leg.

    Is each Hallmark Christmas movie really an original? They even seem to recycle the same has been 80’s child actors.

    The Hallmark movie we really want to see is “Aunt Becky In The Big House”.

    Lifetime network Christmas movies. Doubt those as cheery as the Hallmark ones. Wouldn’t those on that channel need to be more about a battered woman?

    My Little Pony commercial encouraging youth to be themselves. Wonder if that would include those that would want to incorporate MAGA hats as part of their wardrobes.

    The character Tip Toe the reindeer has sidekicks named “Polar Bear” and “Penguin”.  In terms of creativity, that’s called pure darn laziness.

    NBC thanking first responders. Doesn't the news division propagate defund the police propaganda the rest of the time?

    By Frederick Meekins