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Hillary Supports Mob Violence



    by Andrew Zarowny, 10/10/2018


    Hillary Clinton appears to be supporting mob violence against Republicans during a CNN interview. She was in Oxford, England when Hillary sat down and chatted with CNN. Hillary Clinton said that it is okay to not show any civility to Republicans. She apparently condones all of the recent protests and assaults on Republican senators. She claims that it is acceptable as Republicans are trying to destroy what she and fellow Democrats believe in. If doxxing senators, chasing them out of restaurants, suppressing free speech, or seizing public buildings or streets with angry mobs is what Hillary believes in, then damn straight we want to stop it! Just watch the video below of what happened in Portland, Oregon over the weekend as Antifa used mob violence on the streets. Do you want this sort of thing in your community?


    The Far Left has certainly gone beyond the extreme limit of acceptable behavior. Incidents of Left-Wing mob violence are on the rise across the nation. Much of it was focused on Washington, DC this weekend, to protest the Brett Kavanaugh appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. The reality is, however, is that this was the result of the Democrats losing a great deal of political power over the last 10 years.


    Between 2006 through 2008, Democrats succeeded in retaking full control of the American government. Oddly enough through promoting more centrist candidates. But following the election of Barack Obama, the Far Left came out of the shadows and left unchained to do what they pleased. Wrapped in a cloak of lies and intimidation, Democrats pushed a radical, highly Socialistic agenda. The healthcare system rammed through Congress by the Obama administration was so stuffed with lies and Socialism that a growing number of Americans began to push back.


    The Tea Party Revolt in 2010 started a major shift in political power across America. Thanks to the extreme agenda of Obama and the Far Left, by 2016, the Democrat Party had lost over 1,000 elected offices in federal, state and local governments. Their power had been reduced to a level not seen since 1920, when America rejected the Progressive Movement led by Woodrow Wilson. And a good thing, too, as those very same Progressive policies caused the worst ever economic depression. The only reason that it did not become a long-term ″Great Depression″ was thanks to newly elected Republicans, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. In less than two years, America bounced back and the Roaring 20s brought wide spread prosperity.


    Obama used the Crash of 2008 much as FDR used the Crash of 1929 to expand the power of the federal government. Just as FDR′s programs failed, so to did Obama′s. America went through the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. But the Tea Party began chipping away at the stranglehold Democrats had placed upon the nation. A new breed of Republicans began to get elected, more nationalist than the old school of the Neo-Cons. This set the stage for the election of President Donald J. Trump.


    The Democrat Party had been trashed and depleted thanks to Barack Obama, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton. These three had sucked the life, and a lot of money, out of the DNC. The failure of Hillary to get elected as Obama′s successor plunged the Democrats into a very deep hole. Their only recourse to claw their way out has been to focus all of the attention on President Trump. With help from their allies in The Media and Academe, Democrats made getting Trump out of the White House their primary mission. A rather silly and short-sighted mission, given that, at most, President Trump will only hold the office until January 2025.


    The Democrats really cannot run on any policy agenda. Their policies have all been utter failures. So, they are now relying solely on hate and fear, stirring up their base into an angry mob. With the 2018 midterm elections now just 27 days away, we shall see if mob violence will rule the day. I suspect not! A recent article from Politico shows that Democrats may only ne leading in, at most, 209 House seats. Thanks to the backlash during the Kavanaugh confirmation, Republicans should gain several Senate seats, maintaining control. If Democrats do win those 209 House seats, they will still be a minority party. I would not be surprised at all if they fail to even win 200 House seats!


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