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James Comey Testifies Again


    by Andrew Zarowny, 12/7/2018


    Former FBI Director James Comey testifies again on Capitol Hill today. He will appear before a closed hearing as some of the issues to be discussed may be classified. This comes as we learned this week about an email chain amongst top justice and national security officials, including Comey, concerning the Christopher Steele dossier on then Candidate Donald Trump. According to reporter John Solomon of The Hill, the emails were about how everyone knew the dossier was pure fantasy. What is significant is that these emails were exchanged well before the first FISA warrant request to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign. The emails may even hint that the officials already knew that Steele was violating FBI rules about contacting the press.


    The importance of this all goes towards justifying the FISA surveillance warrants and the whole basis for investigating the Trump campaign. Solomon has also reported that his sources claim that as many as 6 people with ties to the justice and intelligence agencies under Barack Obama had attempted to infiltrate the 2016 Trump campaign. We already knew about two of these from the whole George Papodopulous case. If Solomon′s sources are correct, then this may indicate that efforts to infiltrate and sabotage the Trump campaign, and his presidency, may have started much earlier than previously thought.


    I do not expect much to come from James Comey′s appearance on Capitol Hill today. We already know he has lied to Congress before in previous hearings, testifying under oath. It is said that there is a criminal investigation underway concerning his lying to Congress, which is a federal felony with a 5-year prison sentence. A redacted transcript of today′s hearing will be made public, possibly sometime next week. Meanwhile, there is other big news.


    For starters, the Robert Mueller witch hunt coven is expected to release their sentencing memos for Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen today. They released the memo for Michael Flynn the other day just hours before the deadline. I doubt if we will learn anything new from these new memos. On another front, the rumor is developing that President Donald Trump is considering appointing William Barr as the next Attorney General. Barr had served as AG before under George H.W. Bush. While an ′Insider′ who had bipartisan support, Barr did make statements last year defending President Trump against the Mueller witch hunt. Some see Barr as someone who would survive a Senate hearing and vote. But, the big question is would Barr be the right man to clean house at the DOJ and FBI?


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