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  • Once again, the progressive socialist of the Democrat party and their minions in Hollywood and the press have thrown the rule of law aside in the relentless quest for power that energizes them. Following the processes made infamous by Stalin, Pol Pot, and other socialists, they have every intention of doing violence to those who refuse to follow the edicts they have pushed forward and threaten violence to all who refuse to be under the control of themselves. They continue to think they are morally superior, and only the opinions and agenda that they hold can be correct. But the playbook they are using is nothing new, Saul Alinsky a Luciferian who wrote “Rules for Radicals” laid out the steps to destroy your opponent.


    It was made quite plain what that playbook entails by none other than Nancy Pelosi long before the progressive socialist debacle that was the Kavanaugh confirmation.  On C-SPAN back on June 6, 2017, Pelosi stated


    “you demonize- we call it the wrap-up smear. If you want to talk politics. You smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest and then you merchandise it.  And then YOU (the press) write it and we’ll say it was reported in the press so they have validation that the press reported the smear. Now I am going to merchandise the lies of the press that we made. It’s a tactic we can use”


    The Soviet had a similar style of forcing a confrontation of good and evil, and of discrediting the opponent with crude smears. By using the complicity of the press, it can then be splashed all over the media making it seem that a majority of the citizens agree with the main smear. Saying it must be true because the press is all on one side presents a viewpoint that if you do not agree you must be silenced. This is why groups like Antifa and low information voters attempting to intimidate the citizens of this country are ramping up before the midterms.

    The sadly orchestrated smear campaign of the Kavanaugh is a prime example of how this works. It was the innuendo, the cheating and outright lies told by the progressives socialist and willingly put forward by the media that shows the moral wasteland that they have made of the Democratic party. It shows that they are willing to destroy a man without any evidence.

    The progressive socialist following the marching orders that were given to them by people like George Soros and Multimillionaire Tom Steyer can make headway with those who are willing to let the government run the lives they refuse to work for themselves. Obstructing President Trump and all he stands for is the only agenda they have. They have no plans. No plans to reduce crime and one look at democrat controlled cities show that. No plans to improve what our children are learning. They no longer teach history or civics because this country must be destroyed and rebuilt to meet the Soviet model they have set for us. They didn’t want Justice Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court because now, they can’t legislate from the bench, and they know the rule of law will reign supreme.

    Soulless, with total disregard of the people involved, the progressive socialists pushed forward as much as they dare. The leftist, the protesters and the sycophantic media were sure the “dregs of society”, a term used by serial groper to describe Trump supporters, would simply collapse and slink away. They never, in their wildest dreams, thought the wimpy Republicans would fight back and would be willing to stand up for the processes and rules of law that govern our country.

    The protesters, a band of ignorant low educated and emotional people which includes most of the Hollywood types who spew forth the filth they do because they feel that puts them on the cutting edge with their peers, are now advocating violence are a motley crew of socialists and anarchists. They feel it is within the power they have to destroy a culture and way of life that has grown this country to the powerhouse that it is. They feel that they are entitled to force the opinions of the progressive socialist movement upon the populous. One of the groups involved BAMN (By Any Means Necessary, along with anarchist groups like Antifa and others, all funded by globalist George Soros will never understand that the fundamental principles of our country will never waver.


    And then the celebrities, those paragons of virtue that inform us of how much they care for people, must find a way to force the light to shine on them. I can not help but wonder why these celebrities feel that Americans should listen to them. They show in their comments that they cannot carry on a relevant discussion without swearing. They call the Senate a disgrace for following the rule of law, and between them and the progressive socialists that implemented this entire plan, have nothing useful to say or to move our country forward.

    We have that paramount of virtue, Alex Baldwin, telling us the U.S. Senate is a disgrace and no one there has a sincere thought to share. Remember it was Alex Baldwin who had sincere thoughts to share with his daughter.


    Alyssa Milano, showing up the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings looking like a hooker in Venice and taking pictures and tweeting during the proceedings, both against the rules, but she will assure you that the rules are for the little people. She has the audacity to inform us on Twitter that November is coming. I would feel her disappointment when November finally comes, but I don’t really care about her feelings, like much of America I don’t look to singers and actors to help me to formulate an opinion. I read, learn the facts and then decide.

    Amy Schumer, the sister diddler from the past, talks about believing survivors, does that include your sister? She demands we believe Ford, because she is a woman, and we all know women never lie, right?

    These and many others with their false caring and clutching of hands think any man should be thrown in jail for an accusation with no evidence. If accusations equal guilt, the bill of rights is no longer applicable.


    The newest play in this game is that the progressive socialists want to impeach Justice Kavanaugh if they take back the house. The idea is a non-starter, they can no longer intimidate the conservatives to get the 2/3 required for impeachment. The impeachment will not be predicated on the alleged sexual assault but on his temperament. After the assault that the Justice went through, disgusting, and vile innuendo, can anyone honestly say they wouldn’t be angry?  Justice Kavanaugh has lived an exemplary life for forty years, and the progressive socialists know they can’t fault his record, so this lying smear using willing accomplices in the media and willing women to put these lies forward was all they had.

    They continue to bring up Clarence Thomas, but neglect to mention that the only reason that lie moved forward with Anita Hill was that Susan Hoerchner changed her timeline of events after being coached by Janet Napolitano who was the prosecutor for the progressive socialists. The Clarence Thomas case much like the Justice Kavanaugh case is built on lies, deceit, and an agenda to regain power by any means.

    The Anita Hill model was used once again in an attempt to besmirch a constitutionalist being placed on the supreme court. Ford will probably become a hero to the leftists who look to destroy this country by ignoring the rule of law.

    It won’t work. The American people who have more than half a brain see right through this deception. Justice Kavanaugh is now on the Supreme court and, try as they might, the country is starting to regain its feet after all these years of socialist nonsense. The pathetic decline in the morality of the Democrat party and those that pay them is been seen for what it is.

    The leftists have tried al they might, and as long as we can be sure illegals don’t vote, this November will force the socialist to understand that sedition, slander, stalking, violence will not achieve the ends they seek. The fight isn’t over, we need to keep fighting, keep moving forward. We will bring civility back to our country even if the twice-failed Hillary claims the left can’t be civil with people who don’t believe as they do. Statements like that will lead to a civil war which is what the leftists want, even if it means the country stepping on their necks. If that is the way they want it, Hillary should be the first to face the ramifications of her words.

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