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Taqiyaa and Rashida Tlaib

  • In my first column, I discussed Rashida Tlaib and the anti-Semitism she has brought to the Congress. Look at her first day on the Hill and her celebration of being elected. A look of those who surrounded her is an indication of what will be expected in the future. (


    Understand also that this is a woman who tweeted;

                                    “Americans have spent decades raping and pillaging my people.  What goes around comes around.”

    Rather than explain what was meant by this tweet that had been captured by myself and many others she deleted it. She is also an active member on a Facebook page “Palestinian American Congress” whose members spend a great deal of time demonizing Jews and those that support them. The founder of the site was MAHER ABDEL-QADER an outspoken activist who was a key fundraiser for Tlaib.

     There are questions that must be answered such as- what does she mean by “my people’ in the tweet. I thought she was American. And when she speaks of raping and pillaging, what does she mean?

    Looking back at those who surrounded her during her celebration and first days in office is informative of what her direction to destroy our country will take. Her vulgar language towards our President was just a small portion of a more serious issue that the media has ignored and of which most American people are not aware. Let’s take a look at the people who celebrated her victory.

    One is RASHA MUBARAK who is the CAIR Orlando Regional Director. This is the same group that led a Hamas protest outside the Israeli consulate in Miami while shouting “We Are Hamas”.

     CAIR-Florida also feted Imam Kifah Mustapha as a speaker at a fundraising dinner in Orlando. CAIR and Mustapha were both named co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial that directly supplied funds to HAMAS as proven by the U.S. State Department. This is the same group that carried a Hezbollah flag at a rally in Orlando and refused to discuss it because the reporter who asked about it was a Jew.

    Another person in question is HUWAIDA ARRAF co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement, an entity with a long history of supporting terrorism. This group has held a recruitment meeting calling for the increase in international activists. HUWAIDA  ARRAF has admitted that the ISM assists and works with Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular front for the liberation of Palestine.

    The co-founder of the Women’s March LINDA SARSOUR was also a part of the celebration. SARSOUR is a noted jihadist who has called for has called from Muslims here in the United States rise up to perform Political jihad against the Trump Administration. Her relationship with the Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan is now well known. Sarsour spoke at a Nation of Islam event where her attacks on Israel are well documented. She accuses the media of ruining her reputation because all of them are Jewish. She refuses to condemn Louis Farrakhan describing Israelis as “satanic” “termites” or describing Hitler as a great man. On the contrary, all of the people mentioned declaring that President Trump is Hitler. If that is the case, wouldn’t he be destroying the Jews in the words of Farrakhan, “finish the job?”

    Then there is AMER ZAHR.  Zahr is the Anti-Semite that placed a post-it note on the map in Tlaib’s office erasing Israel. Zahr proudly backs Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist Rasmea Odeh. Zahr has compared the Israeli fight for survival to the depredations in the Middle East imposed by ISIS. His connections to the group Al-AWDA are concerning. The group refuses to admit Israels right to exist and is working with ABBAS HAMIDEH, who was also at her celebration, someone who has said that Jews have no right to Israel as espoused by the Hezbollah leader HASSAN NASRALLAH. Rashia Talib was honored to have ABBAS HAMIDEH at her ceremony knowing that his organization Palestine Right to Return Coalition has called Zionists Nazis.

    Tlaib’s ties to these people were so troubling that the left wing group J Street officially withdrew the support it has initially given to Talib. Her support of the BDS movement and refusal to accept a two-state solution was the primary cause for J Street to pull the endorsement. The stance that Talib has taken since the election was a total reversal of what she stood for before the election.

    Rashida Tlaib has even gone so far as claiming Jewish members of Congress have “dual loyalties” and forget what country they stand for. Perhaps it can be said of her Palestinian loyalties as well.

    The media has turned a blind eye to the terrorists that are in our midst and walk the halls of Congress. They ignored the facts put out by Open Doors, an authority of global Christian persecution. More than three-quarters of religious persecution in the world occur to Christians by Islamists and socialist. The media creates a firestorm of any mention of Islamic persecution which over the past five years have been hoaxes and false. We even have local and state elected officials being told by CAIR what they can and cannot say. CAIR along with Rashida Tlaib and the other Islamists are pushing hard to force sharia on our country. Working with a compliant Trump hating media they make inflammatory remarks and then portray themselves as victims screaming “Islamophobia”.

    The same can be said about the few teachers in our school systems that are willing to discuss the 14th-century violence that has been the mainstay for current Islam. We can no longer afford to allow our academia, the mainstream media, and liberal politicians, any opportunity to knell before CAIR or the implementation of sharia. They have not been given the mandate to come to our country and claim the right to change our laws and the way we live. Even now, liberal judges, fearful of being called Islamophobic have declared Female Genital Mutilation a right. The American people can not allow sharia to become mainstream.

    Rashida Tlaib is one of many who works to subvert our Constitution. Recently she demanded that she be giver taxpayer money to take a Congressional delegation to Palestine. With her rampant anti-Semitism already clear, she wants to take the delegation of Palestinian controlled territory in Israel. There is no question that in the short time she has been in the House, her vitriol towards anybody who does support the BDS movement and disagrees with her words directed to our President would align with the national interests. Tlaib holds views that go against the values and rights of the United States. Not only has she thumbed her nose at the decorum and ethics that are expected from our representatives, but her priorities are to the Palestinians and not the American people