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The White Nationalism Fraud Part 3

  • The ruling class has declared that the greatest challenge to civility in our country is the majority of white males in our country that are “white supremacists.” The progressive socialists have called those members of our society violent. It is clear that anyone who the leftist elites dislike enough will be tarred with the label “White supremacist.” If you are unfortunate enough to be labeled as such, you can expect to at the very least be shamed and protested. The intention is to use the strong-arm tactics that they can employ with impunity to silence any opposition, to violate the free speech rights and to malign anyone who disagrees.

    The federal government knows that the number of white nationalists groups are very few. What the progressive socialist have done is designate any group they need to as white nationalists. Groups that have black, Hispanic, gays and Jewish members have been called white nationalist. Not mentioned is the all-white groups such s Antifa who are the actual fascists within our country.

    They speak of the threat from white supremacy because it is the only socially acceptable racism still allowed. It is pushed to the front of the American conscience. The progressive socialists understand that the policies they espouse will not work with the American people. They need to divide us; they need to lay the foundation of racial hatred to further their cause. They need the division of the American people to solidify the base.

     Social media is complicit in giving the cover to the progressive socialists to ban citizens who consider themselves patriots and question the order that they look to force on the American people. They will use watch lists to destroy careers and to ruin reputations with lies and innuendo.  The progressive socialists and media will label anyone who donates to President Trump as white supremacists hoping to stop both the donations and anyone who may support Trump. Joe Scarborough on MSNBC has already stated that if you support Trump, you are funding white supremacy.

    The progressive socialists deep within the Democrat Party have made hating white people a dominant part of the party platform. They do not feel that they need any white votes other than the low information snowflake vote. They can depend on the black majority and the votes of as many illegal aliens they can get through the system.  But the question is, will this work when the progressive socialists also demean black Americans who do not resent white America?  African-Americans are starting to understand that this administration is leading the way in the upward mobility of all Americans. In all the screaming we hear about "white nationalism" and "white supremacy" it is the progressive socialist Democrats that have taken the black vote for granted. Promising to do everything they can to make things better during elections, and soon forgetting them afterward. It is the leftists who exclude those who they feel are inferior and use the moral superiority they feel to demand we follow them.

    It is the foundational idea of the progressive socialists that if you white and disagree with the leftists that you are the reason for the terrorism in the country today. If given the opportunity, they will use every agency of the federal government to surveil you, your friends, your business associates, and anyone else they deem necessary. There have already been discussions of designating anyone who may identify as following white supremacy ideology to assess whether you will take a turn towards violence.  The first requirement for this special attention is to be conservative. If you are a liberal brown shirt such as Antifa, you will be ignored and allowed to continue beating older men and women with your face covered and no law enforcement to step in. This pre-emptive assessment will be used in conjunction with red flag laws to leave you defensive in the face of the coming onslaught.

     Patriots are now being classified by our universities and the Department of Homeland Security as right-wing extremists because you are suspicious of the federal government. Believing in individual liberty and freedoms is another reason to be declared an extremist. You can be declared a right-wing terrorist because of your religious affiliation, and of course, being accused of being a white supremacist. It has clearly been shown that if you are targeted by the ruling class, they will take your guns and even your livelihood without due process or the ability to use the rights that have been afforded the citizens of this country by the founding fathers.


    How bad will it be? In 2012, Colonel Kevin Benson of the U.S. Army University of Foreign Military and Cultural studies in conjunction with Jennifer Weber of the University of Kansas published an article in Small Wars Journal titled "Full Spectrum Operations in The Homeland: A Vision of the Future that discussed right-wing extremism. In the article is a portion called “Operating Concept 2016-2018. In those concepts is a nod to the obligation of the military to “execute without pause as and professionally as if overseas. In the minds of the ruling class, the military has every intention to use any steps necessary to humiliate the “white supremacists” which by then will include everyone who does submit to the progressive socialist agenda.

    Knowing that the law-abiding citizens of our country will accept a great deal, leftists push white nationalism as a cudgel against patriots. But it will not end if they get a submission to their agenda, they will advance further. They can use the racial divide that they created to create further unrest. Our progressive socialist politicians will use anything within their power to cause the chaos they deserve. The constant blaming of law enforcement as being racist will only add to the degradation of the local culture of the country. Cloaked in compassion, those who are doing the handwringing about “white supremacy” are the enemies of the state. They speak of tolerance and altruism while using that altruism to push deceitful and destructive policies.

    The racial profiling that they enforce on the American people is intended to create a serious rift within the citizens of the country. Once that is accomplished, all it would take is just a small spark to set off the violence they are looking for to create conflict. The leftists are undermining the institutions that hold the citizens of this country together.  Obama weaponized the federal agencies to follow his plan to destroy the Republican party and in the run-up of the 2016 election, to attempt to destroy Trump.

    The socialists running for President are further incentivizing the violence within their ranks. Cory Booker and Robert Francis O'Rourke are using the core tenet of the country always being racist in the attempt to divide the citizens of our country further. Both of them say the laws of our country are used to impose racism and inequality on blacks. Never mentioned is the lowest unemployment rate for blacks under Trump or the opportunity zones implemented by the Trump administration that have lifted entire communities. They ignore the number of blacks that are coming over to the Republican party because they have realized that after 50 years of lies by Democrats, they will shift to a party that has shown what it will do for those who are the least amongst us. But those facts do not correlate with the concept of President Trump being a racist who doesn't care.

    White nationalism is a fraud designed by the progressive socialist party to divide our country. The American people of all colors are better than that.

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