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The Socialism of Antifa

  • Once again, celebrities and others are injecting their idiocy into the current protests over the death of George Floyd. Patton Oswalt, an unknown actor to most has once again defended the progressive socialist group Antifa with the D-Day landing. Much like CNN made the point during the attacks in Portland and Berkeley.  Once again, virtue signaling leftists have ignored the terrorists in this group, the damage done to small businesses, many minority owned in their effort to place the blame on President Trump.

    As shown numerous times in the past, and as playing out today on the streets of our weak progressive  cities, Antifa wants nothing more than collapse the system of laws and regulations that keep our country safe. Antifa believes that the use of violence to intimidate others in furtherance of the ideological goals that only they believe in is the way to move forward. The black bloc, dressed in all black have been shown to have assaulted conservatives, or anyone else that do not meet the standards they have set for our country. The Standards that have been set by the protocols of Stalin and Mao, with some Saul Alinsky thrown in as well are the agenda for these terrorists.

    Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and others exploiting this situation are nothing more than spoiled children playing at domestic terrorism. Hidden behind masks, they are willing to ambush anyone who wants to debate the ideology that they have turned into a religion in order to advance their violent extremist agenda.

    Antifa is nothing more  than an anarchist led soviet style movement that looks to overthrow our system of government It is not an organization but more of a coalition of progressive socialists who pattern their agenda on the Nazi propaganda and methods. The sycophants for Antifa and other leftist progressive groups in the media is much the same as the propaganda put out during the formation of the National Socialist party in 1930 Germany. As the Nazis had the Jews to blame for all the challenges that Germany faced at the time, today those being maligned are conservative whites, or anyone else that opposes the fascism that they claim to be fighting against. You cannot call yourself ANTIFA and then use fascist tactics to try to force you beliefs on others.

    When the progressive socialists in our Congress continue to attempt to lie about the damage being done to our country the American people  see through the lies. Virginia Democrat Tim Kaine even uses  talking points straight out of Lenin’s playbook to declare that terror in the streets is justified. Kaine’s son Woody was arrested at the Minnesota capitol in an assault planned and carried out by an Antifa group.

    An explanation is needed when those in our government like Keith Ellison the Minnesota AG attempts to blame “white supremacists” for the looting and burning of buildings. This man is an Antifa sympathiiser who posted a Twitter feed in January 2018 showing him holding a copy of the Antifa handbook and claiming it “scared Trump”.

    Or what of the Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey that evacuated the Third Precinct and allowed it to burn, precipitating the spread to spread. Once again, the progressive socialists do not consider the everyday man who have worked hard, sweated, and slowly move forward to  be able to put food on the family table and pay the bills through ownership of a business they worked long hours and sacrificed to keep going. Of course, none of these leftists care about those people. They don’t need to. Most of these who feel they can lecture those of us who work for  a living have always been in a world of plenty.  They have never known challenges when it comes to living a day to day like where they have to work for what they need.

    Celebrities are part of the resistance as well. Self righteous snowflakes like Chrissy Teigen, Justin Timberlake and others are pushing all their progressive socialist comrades to funnel money to help bail out what they call protesters and normal citizens call looters to get out of jail. It shows just far out of touch with the reality of everyday living that the middle class work through they have become.

    Something has gone terribly wrong when rich celebrities has beens all feel they are so far above the peasants that the can lecture us about our way of life. We  have celebrities all  over the liberal bastions in this country giving, and telling us to give to bail money to bail out the “protesters” that have destroyed the property of those just trying to make a living and far from the gated mansions and their private security.

    In the words of Attorney General Barr

                    “Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursure their own separate, violent and extremist agenda.”

    It is groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, The Democratic Socialists of America have caused days of bloody rioting, looting and the destruction of the structure needed for confronting the challenges we face. With President Trump declaring Antifa a domestic terrorist group, the RICO statutes can now be enforced, including asset forfeiture.  This may stop the practice of progressive socialists such as George Soros from paying for the destruction we have seen in the past week. Antifa members were caught on video last week paying rioters to continue doing the damage that has been done.And it may cause the media to take a closer look at the countrys reaction to the death of George Floyd. They have yet to find one politician, ordinary citizen and even members of law enforcement that has condoned what happened to George Floyd. It should be kept in mind that what happened to George Floyd happened in a city that is totally run by black Democrats. And most of the cities facing destruction of total swaths of the cities being destroyed are run by Democrats. Could this be because all the promises made by the progressive socialist Democrats are forgotten until the next election?

    A call for law and order is not the same as advocating violence as the lackey media have accused President Trump.CNN, whose offices were attacked in Atlanta have blamed the riots on “white supremacy”. We continue to be inundated with catch phrases as systemic racism and institutional racism. As long as the progressive socialist democrats continue to retain the low expectations of the black citizens who they demand stay on the plantation, these talking points will whither and die.

     It will be because the minorities of this country have believed every promise made by Democrats that think they can be lied to for fifty years and like lemmings, they will continue to follow those who lie to them. The whole premise this is based on a false. I can only speak for myself when I say that I have worked since I was 14, built up enough of a bank account and bought a house. Contrary to the fear and anger that voice like CNN espouse all day every day to inject fear into what should be a discussion of moving forward on race. A little known fact is that most whites and blacks do not spend all day thinking about race. They are trying to do everything they can to move forward. Media will not show that the vast majority of minorities of this country support law enforcement and reject the progressive policies that has destroyed the black middle class and the nuclear family.


    Democrats continue to try and explain the failure of our schools. It is informative that the education in our under performing schools are the responsibility of progressive welfare system, the inclusion of identity politics, and the teachers unions who give solely to the Progressive socialist Democrats. In return they receive lax regulation and sever deficiencies in what our children are taught. Education today in far to many schools . both K-12 and universities is not an education at all, but a comprehensive indoctrination of the progressive socialist agenda. The agenda is based obliteration of the individual or discerning thought within our children. The plan is to cause division and not allow individual responsibility. The hatred for America is the challenge we face with the past few generations of American children. We allow those in our classrooms, on the media and in the Democrat party to continue to tell our children and the American people how inequality in our country is the fault of whites.  Nowhere will you ever hear a progressive socialist say anything about personal responsibility. They can’t discuss the subject. Deep down the progressive socialists agree with the anarchists. Media declares that the rioters have no other choice but to burn and loot businesses that have taken years and a great amount of sweat to build.  I have heard no one explain how rioting, burning businesses and attacking store owners almost to the point of death does not point a way forward of supposed racial injustice

    So where are we now? We have radical leftists and progressive socialist of all colors rioting, looting  and creating a dangerous environment not only for law enforcement but for individual citizens as well. Public officials who deem our country as racist turn the other way to this damage being done to our country, if not actively supporting it. Because of “no bail” laws, an individual who loots and burns down a business can be back on the streets within a few hours.

    The majority of our country are building to a slow and cold anger that will soon erupt. The media is blind to the opinions of those who have built the businesses and communities that have made the country what it is today. The majority see the riots and looting as a offense against the American people and the rule of law. The majority will slowly understand that the anger that they feel is not wrong no matter how many corporations or celebrities tells us so. They will not bow down, they will not wash the feet of activists trying to destroy our country. The American people understand that the progressive socialist Democrats have pushed the PC culture too far. The hatred that these activists feel toward law enforcement and even the American people will not be allowed to stand.

    They  talk of “institutional racism” but neglect to mention that in Chicago where one third of the population is black 70 % of homicides of young black men shot by other black men. Where are the protests, where in the outrage? They should protest that