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Bidens Foreign Policy Lies

  • There are many questions that the citizens of this country still have about "moderate" Joe Biden. There are also many people who have a virulent hatred of Donald Trump, who would vote for anyone else no matter who. Some would compare Biden to Bernie Sanders and say he is a moderate. Comparing Biden to Sanders does not make him a moderate. Biden has an affinity for far-left socialism that matches Sanders. Ocasio-Cortez has already stated that they intend to push Biden ever further leftward if he wins. Does anyone in their right mind think that Biden is mentally acute enough or strong enough to withstand being rolled over by the progressive socialists?

    Joe Biden, the champion of the middle class, is a fraud. He speaks about how badly the middle class is being treated while ignoring the rise in middle-class wages and jobs. He speaks of how much the rich received from the Trump tax cuts, and how the middle class was left out. He never speaks of how many of those in the middle class suffered under Obama-Biden. He speaks of the Dreamers, and the other eleven million illegal aliens that he will prostrate himself to allow citizenship, further lowering Americans' wages. It will lead to the diversion of our country's resources for illegal aliens to include free healthcare, free education, and free housing. All this will be on the backs of those same middle-class citizens.

    Joe has moved leftward to align with the increasing radical ideology of the leftists attempting to push socialism on the American people. The spending that Biden wants is even more of a rise in GDP than anything that Obama ever wished for. There are no plans that would pay for this. The raising of taxes on those that make more than $400,000 that Biden proposes would not come close to covering the amount of increase that he wishes for. None of the progressive socialists that are advising Biden will admit that the taxes required would mean a substantial increase of taxes on the middle class and still would not be enough.

    Biden has changed on abortion as well. Biden voted for a constitutional amendment that would allow states to overturn Roe v Wade and stated that the Supreme Court went too far in the decision of 1973. In 2020 Biden now states that Roe v Wade is the law of the land, and in the last few months, changed his mind on the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the4 use of federal funds for abortions. Defending the Hyde Amendment was a long-held belief of Bidens until the leftists who are really in charge told him he had to change his mind.

    The Biden plan for 2020 on crime is far different than his past. He has aggressively targeted law enforcement and is doing his best to destroy public safety. The progressive socialists fill the airwaves with claims that Senile Joe has proclaimed the rioting and destruction are wrong but fail to mention that he called them “peaceful protests” for the past three months. It would not be a far reach to imagine Biden re-implementing the consent decrees that were so catastrophic under Obama and contempt of congress Eric Holder. Coupled with no cash bail and the elimination of mandatory minimums, Biden would allow criminals to run free. It is very informative that no one will discuss with Biden his opinion of no cash bail that has turned the Democrat-run cities in this country into hell holes where citizens do not feel safe.

    Joe Biden is adept at revising history, nowhere more than in the area of foreign policy.  Just hours before the Iraq War began on March 19, 2003, Biden told CNN, "I support the President. I support the troops…Let's get his war done. Before this, Biden has been a full supporter of the war, going as far as to say Colin Powell's speech to the U.N. National Security Council was powerful and irrefutable. Biden did his best to sell the American people the concept of a massive was against Iraq over weapons of mass destruction.

    This is all in direct contradiction of his stance during the 2019 Democrat Presidential debates when he falsely claimed that he was against the war from the moment of "shock and awe" and claims he was outspoken throughout. It is interesting that it took until 2005 for Biden to declare the war wrong. On September 6, during a campaign event, Joe Biden stated that he was opposed to the war before it began. Videos don’t lie, Joey, that have your statements then and now, and one of them is a lie. He uses the excuse that he didn’t really vote for war, but only for inspections.

    In the words of Spencer Ackerman, Senior National Security Correspondent," Biden didn’t just vote to authorize the Iraq war for Peace and Security. He got it wrong at every stage, from invasion to occupations to the withdrawal that led to ISIS." Also, remember that it was Biden that suggested that Iraq be broken up into three countries. And remember that Biden called Ayad Allawi and demanded that he not form a government in Iraq, leaving the way open for Qassem Soliemani to force his way into Iraq and allow Iran to have Iranian backed politicians to take over the government.

    Joe Biden claims to be a "stalwart friend and ally of Israel." He speaks of the Obama administration, and it’s support for Israel. Nothing is further from the truth. Along with the rest of the Obama administration, Biden shows a long history of attempting to undermine Israel's security and international image. It was Biden who, at a Senate Foreign Relation committee meeting in 1982 that threatened Prime Minister Menachem Begin with cutting off funds to Israel if they did not stop establishing settlements in the West Bank. In 1995, Biden voted for the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and called for our embassy's move there. When President Trump finally moved the embassy, Biden was silent but said during a November 2019 interview with NPR, he would not have moved the embassy.

     The Obama administration had a continually strained relationship with Israel. From 2010 when Obama-Biden talked against Israeli Settlements, going so far as having Biden threaten Benjamin Netanyahu that the development endangers regional peace. Biden stated, "I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem. The Obama-Biden administration also leaked to the New York Times a story of Saudia Arabia allowing Israeli jets to use their airspace to attack Iranian nuclear facilities in 2010. On March 22, 2012 Obama leaked once again to the New York Times the determination of Israeli airstrikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. On April 8, 2012, Obama Biden leaked to the New Yorker that Mossad was training the Iranian opposition group MEK. In May 2013, it was revealed that Israel was responsible for an attack on surface to air missiles in Damascus. In November 2013, Obama-Biden leaked to CNN  of an attack targeting mobile missiles to prevent delivery to Hezbollah.  Through John Kerry, and during the Iran blackmail of the Obama administration, Obama –Biden threatened to shoot down Israeli jets anywhere near Iran. It was the Obama-Biden  Pentagon that declassified a top-secret Defense Department document that contained extensive details of the Israeli nuclear program. So much for stalwart support.

    The Osama Bin Laden raid almost did not happen because of Joe Biden. His words to Obama were Mr. President, "my suggestion is don't go." The story that is being told now is that "instead of answering in front of a group of advisors, Biden privately advised Obama to go" He continues to make this point to burnish his foreign credentials, even though Obama senior advisors, including Hillary Clinton have contradicted it.

    Then we need to discuss the story of Biden going to Afghanistan to pin a silver star on a Navy captain who attempted to save a member of his party. Biden states that the Navy captain refused the silver star because his comrade died. At the end of the story, Biden said "this is the God's honest truth. My word as a Biden. None of it was true. Biden put together a narrative from three stories that he heard and used it as a part of his narrative. He did visit Afghanistan, but as a senator and not vice president. The hero of the story, a Navy captain, was actually a 22-year-old Army Specialist named Kyle J. White and was given the silver star six years later by Obama, six years after Bidens' trip.

    Joe Biden’s rhetoric about the coronavirus is far from honesty. His statements on handling the coronavirus have put forth so many lies that even the Washington Post has columns written about the lies he continues to spew forth. He sputtered that the Trump Administration had cut investments in global health, cuts the were made by the Obama administration, and rated "three Pinocchios by the Washington Post. The cuts that they attribute to President Trump never happened. But is the progressive socialists' way if the facts don't match your talking points, blare it through the sycophantic media until the American people believe it. The Washington Post also awarded Biden Four Pinocchios for claiming that Trump described the coronavirus as a hoax. President Trump never said that and was talking of Progressive socialist Democrats talking points.

    How can we be asked to believe in Biden's judgment and incompetence when he created panic during the swine flu epidemic of 2009. The Obama administration had to step in and apologize to the American people for Biden's irresponsible remarks.

    All of this, combined with the dementia the progressive socialist Democrats try so hard to hide, can not move forward. No matter how many threats that have been made, if Sleepy Joe doesn't win, it will not deter true American patriots.