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The Election Debacle Part 4

  • America must get back to the basics. Our elections are so far afield from what our Founders intended that we are now in the midst of a contested election. The lies and misconduct of the officials in charge are enough to anger most citizens.

     The media and the progressive socialists in the Democrat party are attempting to tilt the scales in their lust for power. The judicial branch, up to the Supreme Court, turns away from the proven fraud that is laid bare. Questions are being asked, facts are ignored, and the media turns a blind eye to the damage that is coming to the legal electorate of our country.

    The talking heads in the media continually spew forth the lies, claiming that you must be a conspiracy theorist if you believe voter fraud occurred. They refuse to cover the affidavits and data or allow the American people to view it so that they may understand how widespread the scam has become. The progressive socialists could not fathom the depth of the populist movement instigated by President Trump and could not know how far to go with the fraud. Hence, the mail-in voting is supposedly required by the Chinese virus pandemic. The mail-in voting, along with counting well past election day itself, would give them the opportunity to see how deep the fraud needed to be. That was why the stoppage of vote counted in states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin until the required fraudulent ballots could be added to the system.

    In Milwaukee, wards close registered voters topped 200 Percent of citizens. In seven wards, the turnout exceeded 100% and in two wards exceeded 200%. No explanation was given, and of course, the media and progressive socialists in these wards refuse to explain these figures. Those in charge of electoral integrity in these wards claimed that the voter rolls have since been updated. Perhaps that is true, but cleaning the voter rolls AFTER the election is just a quick way to make verification impossible. 234,000 registered voters  were found before the election to be illegal that the Wisconsin Election Commission refused to remove from the rolls. Wisconsin statute 6.50 requires the follow Electronic Registration guidelines and notify the elector by first-class mail to apply for a continuation of registration within 30 days. This notification was not done in the heavily Democratic districts, and those votes were counted in the election sent in by phantom voters.


    In Nevada, people without a Nevada drivers license or ID card were allowed to vote and told to go to their nearest DMV office and get an expedited driver's license so that they would show up as "registered." This process also serves as a voter registration application. The Field Services Administrator, in an internal memo to DMV offices, informed the poll workers that these "customers" would not be turned away. How many times did this happen in Nevada? Nobody knows because the Board of Elections and Secretary of State refuse to investigate. Did something in this vein happen in other states as well? The sticking point is that Nevada laws state that voters must be registered to vote BEFORE the election. Even same-day registration allowed in Nevada requires the voter to bring a Nevada driver's license or ID to register.

    In Wayne County, Michigan has presented evidence and eyewitness accounts that at least 40,000 unsecured ballots arrived in vehicles with out of state plates at the TCF Center in Detroit. These ballots were brought to the TCF Center at 4 am on November 4. There were more illegal ballots brought in on November 4 at about 9pm.  After checking, it was found that the names on these ballots were not names of registered voters, and no verification was performed. The names were manually added to the QVF system that controls the voter rolls. These illegal ballots were added to the voter rolls under the Wayne County Clerk orders, all with a bogus birthdate of January 1, 1900. Election regulations state that all absentee voters must be added to the rolls by 9 pm on November 3. All of these ballots were for Joe Biden, as sworn to in affidavits bey observers that were there.

    There have also been documented proof that there were other ballots numbering in the tens of thousands that were also counted despite voting election law by local Democrat officials' direction. Supervisors were instructing the ballot counter to backdate ballots to meet the legal criteria for counting. After being brought to the light of the fraud occurring during early vote counting and the general election, observers were locked out of the center. One observer, Daniel Gustafson, signed an affidavit stating he witnessed tens of thousands of ballots that were not sealed, in a tamperproof container, or in any chain of custody, as required by both federal and state law.

     The numbers of ballots tracked in precinct books did not match the number of ballots counted. This has not been explained, and the progressive socialists running the fraud refuse to audit the ballots or investigate the mismatching totals. The Attorney General, Nessel, has even gone so far as to threaten the observers and lawyers attempting to find the truth. Also not answered is the fact that in one set of ballots delivered in the dark of night, 60% of the ballots have the same signature. The ballot counters never questioned this or by the supervisors that should have thrown those ballots out. But the votes were for Biden, so they were run through, many of them multiple times. A preliminary audit by a Michigan judge claimed the Dominion systems were “intentionally and purposely designed with inherent errors to create systematic fraud and influencing election results.

    In Pennsylvania, over 100,000 mail-in votes showed up as valid that were put into the system the same day the ballots were mailed, the day after which is illegal and even before being mailed. Over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned jus a day after they were sent out, 35,000 were returned on the same day they were mailed, 23,000 have a return date earlier than the sent out date, and more than 9,000 had no sent date. Even USPS field engineers declared such numbers shown in the Pennsylvania database were "impossible."Once again, the progressive socialists and RINO's who are in charge will not explain how this could be, and the MSM refuses to cover the anomalies. Interesting is also the fact that several memory sticks used in the system's programming and a laptop to be used during the election were stolen from a warehouse before the election. A study in 2019 by the Pennsylvania Department of Auditor General released a report that shows non-cooperation and lack of required information from the office of the Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Department of Transportation, and four county agencies. Even without this cooperation identified tens of thousands of potential duplicate and inaccurate voter records, as well as nearly 3000 dead on the voter rolls. The Secretary of State was notified of the findings of the report that found:

    24,408 cases of a driver's license number on more than one ballot.

    13,913 duplicate voter registrations

    6,816 birthdate inaccuracies

    2,991 deceased voters.

    The Public Interest Legal Foundation has placed the number of deceased voters on the Pennsylvania voter rolls at 21,000. None of the irregularities have been investigated or removed from the voter rolls before the 2020 election.

    In Georgia, progressive socialist leftists used a false water main break to count thousands of fake ballots for Biden, pulling them out from underneath desks. Votes that were received late were intermingled with valid votes to hide invalid votes, mostly for Joe Biden.

    In Arizona, the Maricopa County Board of Electors refused to comply with two subpoenas issued by the Senate Judiciary Committee. These subpoenas called for a full forensic audit of ballot tabulation equipment and the election management system. The county states that the Senate has no standing to demand such data, although both federal and state law declares that the legislature maintains the rule and regulation pertaining to elections, including the opportunity to question and irregularities in the election.

    The progressive socialist has quashed fraud in Arizona for reasons that misrepresent the truth. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a progressive socialist Democrat, rejected a request for an independent analysis of voting data statewide because it would amplify the voices of the people who seek to undermine the democratic process. Or is it perhaps the election was fraudulent because of leftists like Hobbs stealing votes and packing the ballot box.  Contrary to Hobbs' pronouncement that there is no controversy about the election, affidavits show a preponderance of proof of tampering with the electoral process on behalf of the leftist political elites who control the operation of elections. These socialists still have not explained the "green button" that was used to supposedly used to reset the was used to cause ballots not to be tabulated and disqualified. This happened to many Trump voters who were told that using a Sharpe to mark the ballots was okay but later rejected these ballots.

    It is incontrovertible that this election was a fraud. Votes throughout the country were taken from Republicans at all levels and switched to progressive socialist Democrats. Media sycophants and left-leaning judges have refused to investigate this fraud. Nor has anyone explained that votes were changed in massive amounts with votes taken from Republicans and given to Democrats. It was strategy years in the making to disenfranchise the American voter for the socialist agenda. There is no way other than fraud to explain the massive changes in many states.

    In Pennsylvania, a supposed “glitch” was uncovered where 20,000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden.

    This same “glitch” switched 6,000 votes in Georgia from President Trump to China Joe.

    In just one Wisconsin county, Rock County, 10,000 votes were switched to Biden from President Trump.

    Computer experts and IT professionals have shown that the signature verification standard was reduced to 40%.

    The American people see through this fraud, and it will be a long four years for the progressive socialists. President Trump and a majority of patriots in this country will continue to fight. It is imperative that the Georgia legislature take back the oversight of elections and election counting in the two Senate runoffs or the progressive socialist will steal those as well. It's time to fight back and stand for the constitutional right of fair elections.




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