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The Devil is Down in Georgia

  • In a highly partisan country, the senate run-offs in Georgia will determine the direction this country will take. If the government is allowed to turn socialist, many parts of the Progressive socialist agenda will be implemented. There will be no more elections, no more permitted dissension, and the plan forced on the American people will turn our once beloved republic into another Venezuela. The American people will be forced to live with the corruption in our media, academia, and politics.

    Georgia politics has already been corrupted on both the local and federal level. The regulations that are the guardrails for the elections of the state have been ignored. Local election officials have lied about the election procedures, and with the help of the media, both broadcast and social media, have done their best to claim that there was not a failure of integrity in the election.

    Let's take a close look at some of the areas where socialism has crept its way into Georgia's run-off elections.


    Right to Work

    From China Joe Biden to Kamala Harris to Warnock and Ossoff, all have endorsed the PRO Act that bans the right to work. Ossoff and Warnock support the PRO Act that strengthened the rights or workers within the unions and opposes efforts to weaken and protect those opposed to unions. They do not point out that the 166 million Americans would lose the ability to allow the working middle class to be employed without forced membership in a union and payments to union officials, typically Progressive socialists Democrats. The mentors of these two Marxists are Joe Biden, who has stated that the Right to Work should not be allowed anywhere.  There are many facts that the progressive socialist's leftists refuse to mention.

    1. Right to Work states outperforms the other states in production and growth in the private sector. The difference has been documented in manufacturing employment in right to work states growing at 5.4 % and 1.7% in union forced states.
    2. Forced union states have migration out of the state at -7.4% where the right to work States experience 1.6% increases.
    3. No one should be compelled to pay for the right to work to corrupt leftist union officials.

    This debate is not a new one. The question was answered in the Taft-Hartley Act in 1947. It ruled that everyone has a right to work without being forced to pay off union bosses for the right to keep their job.

    Raphael Warnock

    In 2016, Warnock criticized white evangelical Christians and Catholics for giving support to our President. Warnock also called President Trump a fascist, a racist, and a xenophobe.  In the same footsteps of the Reverand Al  Sharpton, this so-called Pastor claimed the President Trump support by Christians and Catholics revealed the "moral bankruptcy of the American church." He accused President Trump of winning the election because his candidacy moved forward because of the constant drumbeat of racism from his campaign. He is denied the racism and corruption of the Obama administration.

    He accuses President Trump of putting illegal children in cages without acknowledging that Obama was the President who implemented the process long before Trump was even running for President.

    Warnock and the progressive socialist media sycophants refuse to explain the facts of a 2002 arrest for obstruction of a police investigation in child abuse at a camp in Carrol County In Maryland. Warnock was not suspect in the child abuse at the camp, but was arrested for obstruction because he refused to allow state troopers to interview the counselors in question. Warnock at the time worked for the church in Camp Farthest Out at Eldersburg, Maryland. It was claimed by the Maryland State Troopers Diane Barry of the Maryland  Child and Sexual Assault that  Warnock interrupted the Troopers' interviews into the incident. His concern was that the counselors did not have any counsel, even though the counselors were told they could leave at any time and were under no obligation to answer any questions.

    Before Warnock worked at the Douglas Memorial church, he was employed at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York. Warnock was an assistant pastor at the church when the Communist Cuba dictator gave a speech in 1995. The address was described as civil disobedience against the United States, and Castro was called a great and honorable man. Combined with his praise of Castro, Warnock praised the Rev. Jerimiah Wright and declared that Marxism was the best way to teach the black church.

    Warnock has praised his theological mentor, Dr. James Hal Cone, as a powerful voice of high spiritual magnitude. Warnock must not have been there when Cone called white Christians "Satanic" and called for the destruction of everything "white" in society. Cone has called the white Christian church a theology of the Anti-Christ and has to be destroyed to eradicate whiteness from society.  Cone also spoke of whites being unable to make any judgments about existence. For some reason, he feels he can claim that blackness was the intention for humanity. This same mentor, a theological figure that Warnock feels should be held up as a paragon of virtue, also argued that black people should use any means necessary, including violence, to overthrow American society. Warnock says this is the man who will bring our country closer together and rise in a spirit of unity that he spews forth at his campaign stops.

    Warnock has shown himself to be a virulent Anti-Semite and has described Jesus many times as a Palestinian peasant. It has always been agreed by both Jewish and Catholic scholars and documented by archeological findings and facts the Jesus was a Jewish man from Judea. He has condemned the movement of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the true capital of Israel.

    Warnock was on sycophantic leftist Joy Reids show and declared that those who describe him as a socialist were not troublesome but sad. He refuses to explain why in a 2009 sermon, he said socialism was called for by Scripture. I have been a Christian for about 20 years and discuss these sorts of things with people who Warnock would describe as "bible thumpers" for almost 50 to 60 years. None have found any socialism in the Christian bible. Combined with his belief that white Christians should be eradicated, it is difficult to take him seriously.

    Warnock has also declared health care as a human right. I am reasonably well-versed in our country's founding documents, and I have not found health care anywhere. I admit we need more than the rugged individualism of our Founders. We do have emergency rooms and clinics, low cost, and free throughout our country. But the irresponsibility of forcing others to pay for the health mistakes you may have made in your life is not consistent with personal responsibility.


    Jon Ossoff

    In the newfound spirit of unity that China Joe continues to espouse, Ossof, a trust fund socialist, has stated at his campaign stops that Republicans and Trump supporters should be forced never to show their faces again. In a video of a speech, Ossoff suggested that conservatives and Trump supporters wouldn’t be able to show their faces in public because of their political beliefs. His exact words were

    “We need to send a message that if you indulge in this kind of politics, you’re not just going to get beaten. You’re going to get beaten so bad that you can never run or how our face in public.”


     This is the strategy of "total politics" that the progressive socialists have undertaken to force upon this country. Just remember "Trust Fund Johnny" that no matter how hard you try to make it, you will never get rid of all of us. We have no fear when it comes to defending our country, and you could also be the first target.

    And attempting to take our guns with the Bloomberg wish list that you support will not work either. Of course, you can declare yourself to be anti-gun because that would devastate your candidacy, so you have to lie and state that you are pro 2nd Amendment. He will take up the anti-gun cause, including siccing the IRS on organizations and people who are gun owners. He will follow Biden and Harris's lead but will not make headway of taking away the rights guaranteed by our Founding documents to belong to the American patriots.

     This from a man who has been financed by a Hong Kong media conglomerate supervised by the Chinese Communist Party and has spoken out against the protests in Hong Kong.

    Ossoff is the CEO of a London based company that does investigative documentaries. In his financial statement, he failed to disclose that he had received $5000 from PCCW, a Hong Kong-based company and the largest telecom company in Hong Kong. Also not disclosed was that PCCW is run by Richard Li, who has spoken out about Hong Kong independence and the pro-democracy movement.

    Ossoff also received money from the Qatari-based Al Jazeera over the past two years. Ossoff has even gone as low to claim Loeffler campaigned with a Klansman because of a photo taken in a picture line.

    On the subject of immigration, Ossoff has followed the typical progressive socialist line. This trust fund red diaper doper baby continues to push the debunked theory that President Trump was the one who separated families, knowing full well it was The Muslin-in-Chief Obama that started that process. And it was Obama who forced children into cages. He continually proclaims that stopping illegal aliens from swarming our country is a violation of their human right. Ossoff has vowed a complete amnesty for illegals who are in this country. Otherwise, following the law is no excuse for the damage people like Ossoff have done to the American middle class.

    Take a close look at these two men who feel they are members of our country's "elite" and deserve what they feel is owed them. Failure to vote for the patriots in this run-off should not be contemplated. Unless you like the lifestyles of Venezuela, Cuba, and other third-world countries, you need to vote. It will be the only well to keep the devil in Georgia from infiltrating our whole country. The progressive socialists are willing to go to war, are you?

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