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  • Want a deal here is my take.What I think should happen.  Law breakers your daca At 18 they knew the laws. They have been hidding from those enforcing the laws all there lives. There parents need fined and deported for child endangerment for forcing there child to break the laws.  American parents are jailed for it.  From 18 to 30 the illegals need fined 1thousand dollars for ever year from the time they turned 18 until they file for citizenship.    Americans are fined for breaking the laws.   Pay up Americans pay up or they are jailed. Your choice pay up and prove you want to be an American or immediate deportation  All you screaming not fair. Then you pay up you sponsor them you  pay there fines, you pay  for there citizenship. Creation of sponsorship program. Condition must be an American born citizen to sponsor.

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