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How you can help!

  • Greetings my Patriot Friends! Welcome to a Conservative-Friendly site that never asks for money and never sells anything.

    The purpose of this site is both to help to promote the MAGA agenda by identifying who we want to keep and who we want to replace in Congress on 11/6/18, and to establish as many of us as we can to be present at the polls on election day to take video and report any suspected voter fraud so what happened to Judge Moore in Alabama does NOT happen again on November 6.

    I need administrators for each state to coordinate the efforts in the key races and to organize volunteers for each precinct.

    Our structure shall be as follows:

    Each Administrator will have direct contact with me.

    Each Administrator will appoint Assistant Administrators as needed.

    Key sub-Admins may also be granted the access to approve "moderators" under them.

    The idea is simple, which is to work in an organized fashion towards the goal of maximizing the number of Senators and Reps that support the MAGA effort, and to minimize voter fraud so no elections are stolen out from under us.

    Let's work TOGETHER to maximize our results on November 6th, and let's be QUICK to BAN anyone who is working against this goal as this site was NOT meant for liberals, socialists, communists or GLOBALISTS!

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