• In part two of our computer fraud series I’m going to talk about how easy it is to steal the 2020 presidential election, or for that matter any election that uses voter machines.

    Think for a second about California’s push to provide every illegal alien with a driver’s license. This is actually a brilliant move on their part and I’ll tell you why.

    As we know, many of the voting machines throughout the country are owned by the globalists. I’m reasonably certain that George Soros has plenty of opportunities to invest his money. If he’s purchasing companies that own voting machines I’ll bet everything I own it’s because he has an interest in affecting the outcome of the results.


    It is most definitely the case that though the voting machine is recording votes, that there is no correlation between the votes that the machine are receiving and the numbers that are sent as totals.


    Specifically, if I were George Soros I guarantee you that I would have backdoor access to the voting machines so that I could record the number of votes that needed to be recorded to effectuate the outcome I was trying to achieve.


    In the case of California, by bringing 1 million people into Los Angeles and pushing them to all secure drivers licenses, California now has the names and addresses of 1 million people that can be easily accessed.


    This means that these 1 million illegal aliens most of whom don’t speak English, don’t understand our voting system and don’t necessarily even know what’s going on, can still all cast a vote through the magic of computer fraud.


    Simply put, if it was me trying to effectuate a positive outcome I would tell my computer programmers to access the motor vehicle’s file that has all of the drivers licenses for the illegals, run their names against prison records and death certificates, make sure they are still living in the state and if, so register them to vote.


    If out of the million people there are 750,000 who still fall into the category of being available and living in California, the 750,000 people become registered voters internally without ever stepping to the polls.


    I would tell my programmers to register 80% as Democrats and 20% as Republicans which means that there would be 600,000 additional Democratic voters registered to vote in Los Angeles alone. I would then tell my programmers to cast votes for 80% of the registered voters which means that I would pick up 480,000 Democrat votes.


    I guarantee you that on November 3, 2020 there will not be endless lines of illegal aliens wrapped through the streets of Los Angeles waiting to do their civic responsibility and vote. If you have been to Los Angeles recently, then you know how many people are living on the street in tents with no bathroom facilities and struggling to survive.


    The fraud that’s being perpetrated on America right now is nothing less than the globalists intention to the voter rolls implement agenda 21 which includes toppling America and replacing her with the North American Union. Our president is doing everything in his power to work against the globalists which is why we are seeing so much hatred from them.


    There’s no question that Pres. Trump is extremely popular amongst most Americans and that the only way the globalists can remove Pres. Trump and stop his constant movement towards making America great is to steal the November 3, 2020 election.


    What I’m calling for is an immediate forensic investigation into computer access to the voting machines and government records including but not limited to motor vehicles, food stamps, and other assistance programs to determine if these records are being accessed as I suspect they are in order to internally register illegals to vote and then casting their vote in the majority for the Democrats.


    I strongly suggest that the same methodology is being used for convicted felons that have been given the right to vote. In Florida, in the 2018 election the right to vote was restored to 1.4 million felons. The vast majority of felons are busy getting their lives back in order and not looking to vote on election day. However if your globalists trying to sway an election, all you need is to be able to access the list of names internally, do your sorts to arrive at a list of felons that are alive, still living in your state and having been rearrested, and then cast their vote internally.


    The globalists know that Pres. Trump will probably defeat the Democratic candidate by at least 10 million votes. Therefore the globalists need to put millions of illegals and felons onto the voter rolls so that they can cast their votes on election day and offset what would otherwise be an obvious and incredible landslide for Pres. Trump and the majority of the American people.


    This computer fraud methodology is not limited to the presidential election. I will discuss this in more detail along with additional devastating effects in part three of this series.


    As American patriots, our country is in desperate need of our best efforts to defeat the globalists so the American dream can live on. Please share this article with every agency, talk show host and entity that you can think of so that we get it into the right hands so a forensic investigation into the voting machines can commence as quickly as possible in advance of November 3, 2020.


    Thank you to all of my fellow patriots for everything you do to help keep our country safe!

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