In this the third installment of the series on computerized voter fraud this article will get to the heart of the issue of the most major concern for the 2020 elections.


    I firmly believe that there is a reason why the globalists have their hands in the ownership of the voting machines. And I believe that there is a direct correlation between providing drivers licenses to illegals and computerized voter fraud.


    As a businessman with many years of experience having computer programmers work directly for me I can tell you that these guys are geniuses that can provide you virtually whatever you ask of them.


    If I was George Soros I guarantee you that I would have computer programmers who would be able to access the voter records coming out of the machines. I would tell my computer programmer to access the motor vehicle drivers records and internally register them to vote Democrat and cast a vote on their behalf.


    I think that when we look to voter fraud as consisting of duplicate voters and deceased voters that this is nothing more than a distraction for the real issue of internal computer voter fraud.


    The only way we will know for sure is to convene a task force to investigate the actual votes and I propose three 2018 votes that completely raised my eyebrows.


    1. The question of returning the right to vote to 1.4 million felons in Florida is extremely suspect to me because the Republicans prevailed in the elections in Florida and Republicans normally do not vote to restore rights to felons to vote. I believe that this result is totally fraudulent and as a result of computer voter fraud.
    2. The election in Arizona of Kyrsten Sinema versus Martha McSally is equally alarming because Arizona is a Republican state that hated John McCain and yet Sinema, whose position was that Americans who left America and fought with ISIS were welcome back here, was elected over McSally, who not only was Republican but who was a fighter pilot as well.
    3. The election of Mitt Romney in Utah is suspect because at 10 minutes after the polls closed in Utah with just 8 percent reporting, Mitt Romney was declared the winner.


    The key point is that if it’s the case as I suspect that votes are being cast internally, then once the illegals are issued a driver’s license the record exists whether the illegals are subsequently deported or not!


    If you stop and think of it for a minute, it certainly doesn’t make sense to assume that the graphic that displays the results on the news stations is accurate when we know that most of the news is propaganda to further the globalists position.


    In fact, Fox posted a graphic of Andrew Gillum beating Ron DeSantis with 99% of the vote counted, 24 hours BEFORE the ELECTION, then claiming that it was an “error” as they were checking their system. However, the results if I recall correctly were 2,927,562 for Gillum vs 2,860,212 for DeSantis. It’s one thing if the graphic was displayed in error but it’s quite another if the numbers are all filled in!


    There are numerous examples of results that make no sense. I live in Nevada where President Trump’s rally had so many people that there with thousands outside that couldn’t get in. In contrast, the Democrats couldn’t fill up the Chaparral High School gymnasium and yet THE ENTIRE STATE TURNED BLUE in this last election!


    In Texas, Beto O’Rourke, who was running on a platform of open borders and removing the existing walls, was shown during the course of the evening running several percentage points ahead of Ted Cruz. There is no way that this could be an accurate reflection of the voters of the state of Texas.


    And in Georgia, Stacey Abrams had the Black Panthers in the streets armed with semiautomatic weapons to intimidate voters and ran on a platform of gun control in a southern state that is totally in favor of guns. And yet, the results were supposedly so close that the election went on contested for weeks!


    As one last point of concern in LA County alone, there are more than 10 million people. If all of these people were actually voting do we have any idea how long the lines would be and how many days it would take for each of these people to cast votes? The illegals, for the most part, don’t speak, write or read English. Are we actually supposed to believe that these people are finding a voting guide, reading up on the election and casting votes legitimately?


    I am of the firm belief that a forensic investigation into suspicious outcomes from the 2018 election is required prior to the 2020 elections. I believe that trumps administration is aware of extensive voter fraud issues and I believe that they are working to deport as many illegals as possible before the 2020 elections.


    But if I’m correct, I believe that it doesn’t matter if the illegals are deported en masse or not because once they're registered with motor vehicles, or any other government database, that any good computer programmer can work their magic to cast votes on behalf of these people and sway the election.


    If it was not the case that rampant computer fraud existed, then there would be no reason for any Democratic candidate to run against Pres. trump because he has such overwhelming support and there’s no chance for any of these Democratic candidates to win in a fair election.


    I’m asking everyone who reads this letter to get word to Pres. trump, to the AG’s office, to any and every agency that has the authority to open a forensic investigation, to open an investigation into the races whose outcomes were suspect in 2018, and to do all we can to identify and prevent massive computer fraud from stealing these elections in 2020.

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