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Greetings President Trump! : Voter Fraud Attention!

  • Greetings President Trump! 
    First, I want you to know that we LOVE you and your family, and we LOVE your leadership, your strength and your resolve!

    It's not a matter of "voter fraud" that may cause us a disastrous November 3rd. It's a matter of "ELECTION RESULT" fraud, and I'm sure that it's more rampant than you realize.
    I'm sure you're aware that "He who counts the votes has the power." Well, they're NOT COUNTING VOTES. They're simply MANIPULATING THE RESULTS to be what they want them to be.
    I've been advised that there's an organization called Lawrence Livermore Labs in California that has the ability to do a forensic investigation into election results. I'm sure that this can't be the only lab in the Country that is capable of determining if an election result is accurate, but I CAN TELL YOU, that here in Nevada, there's NO SENSE in EVEN VOTING, because OUR VOTES HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CORRELATION to the pre-determined results that are posted on the fake media on election day!
    You shocked the world because you won by such a landslide that they underestimated how much they needed to tilt the results by in 2016 in order to win. THEY WON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE IN 2020!

    We have to take STRONG AND IMMEDIATE STEPS RIGHT NOW in order to have ANY CONFIDENCE AT ALL that we have the opportunity to WIN the elections on November 3rd!
    There are currently 10 states that are issuing Driver's Licenses to illegals:
    • New York
    • California
    • Washington
    • Colorado
    • New Mexico
    • Nevada
    • Illinois
    • Hawaii
    • Delaware
    • Connecticut
    • Plus D.C.
    Any programmer worth his salt can scrape the Motor Vehicle data base, register the illegals as Democrat, and cast the ballots on Election Day. Deporting them WILL NOT PREVENT THE ELECTION RESULT FRAUD, because once they're in the database, the database is NOT PURGED!
    In the last election here in Nevada where I have resided for 42 years (transplanted New Yorker!) I attended your rally, and I saw how many thousands of people are behind you. Meanwhile, obama could barely fill the Chaparral High Gym, which held 200! 
    And yet, in 2018 THE ENTIRE STATE of Nevada TURNED BLUE!!!

    I recently met with a candidate who ran for a district, and he lost by EXACTLY 100 votes in EACH of the FIRST 10 PRECINCTS! California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado.... THEY'RE ALL BLUE!!! The whole Country is falling to the Globalists from the West Coast, and it's NOT A COINCIDENCE!
    The deck is TOTALLY STACKED because the Globalists have CONTROL of the OUTCOME WELL IN ADVANCE. Except for an UNEXPECTED LANDSLIDE, there's no way we can beat the ELECTION RESULT FRAUD that exists today. 

    I can go on and on with example after example, but I know how many items are on your plate. HOWEVER, THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM, because the clock is ticking down to November 3rd 2020, and this WILL BE IN MY OPINION THE FLASH POINT for Civil War in the streets of America if they attempt to STEAL this election from the most popular President in American History, no matter what the MSM story line is!
    Please assign someone whom you trust to follow up on this issue. I can be reached by email, cell phone or text from 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week.
    I am also the Founder of which I built as a Conservative Alternative to Facebook TO SUPPORT YOU 1000% and to encourage my fellow Conservatives to do the same!
    My personal website is which will give you a flavor as to who I am. I am a TRUE PATRIOT, JUST LIKE YOU, and I CAN SEE that we have MUCH BIGGER PROBLEMS FACING US than just "voter fraud." 

    WE THE PEOPLE have been the victims of ELECTION RESULT FRAUD for YEARS, AND WE MUST DO SOMETHING prior to November 3rd 2020 to prevent losing control of our Country and potentially deteriorating into Civil War in our beautiful Country!

    I ALSO have NO DOUBT that the election WILL NOT BE FAIR!
    PLEASE move this item up to the TOP of your list, because having YOU remain in CONTROL for 4 MORE YEARS is CRITICAL, as is addressing the Senate and House races as well.
    I love our Country, I love my children and my grandchildren, and THIS MAY BE OUR LAST CHANCE TO KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

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