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Rob Raskin wRites - Voter Fraud Pt 4 – How It Works

  • Rob Raskin wRites… Voter Fraud Part 4 – Here’s how the Election Result Manipulation works!


    There are multiple levels of voter fraud, including the following:

    1. Multiple votes by the same voter

    2. Votes from those who are deceased

    3. Votes from mysterious boxes after the election has concluded

    4. Votes from those who are ineligible, and

    5. Votes intentionally not counted



    Here’s how ERM works. Let’s say there’s 12,000 voters registered in a District, and 9,000 of those votes are cast. This means that 3,000 votes in the District were NOT CAST, so anyone with access to the records CAN CAST THE 3,000 votes for their CANDIDATE OF CHOICE!


    Now, the more illegals are registered to vote, the more “free votes” they have in the District to cast in favor of the selected candidate. And in the states that allow driver’s licenses to be issued to illegals, which now total 13 states, EVERY ONE OF THE 13 STATES are ALL BLUE!


    Really, the ONLY WAY that a Conservative candidate can win at this point is if they win by SUCH A LANDSLIDE that after casting all of the “available votes” in the relevant district(s) they didn’t have enough free votes to bring “victory” to their candidate of choice.


    This is why the Globalists are working SO HARD to change the Electoral College such that the Electoral votes are cast in favor of the Presidential candidate who wins the “popular vote” nationwide. This negates the very foundation of our REPUBLIC. Our Founding Fathers NEVER intended for America to be a Democracy, which is majority rule, but rather, a REPUBLIC, so that EVERY STATE was entitled to It’s say in who represents them.


    The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact or NPVIC, is now comprised of 16 states totaling 196 Electoral votes. When this Compact gets to 270 electoral votes, their plan is to cast the 270 votes in favor of the President who won the popular vote, with no regard for the voters in each state. This is why the dem’s are fighting so hard to keep the borders open, and to invade our Country. It’s not because these illegals vote. It’s because once they’re in the motor vehicles data base, they’re subsequently registered to vote, and then their vote is available to be cast INTERNALLY on “Election” day. And once the popular vote falls in favor of their candidate of choice, they can then utilize “Election Result Manipulation” to “cast the uncast available votes” in favor of their candidate of choice.


    The KEY POINT to understand is that even if we stop the invasion of our Southern border, and even if we increase the deportation of the illegals that are currently in our Country, THE THIRD AND MOST CRITICAL STEP is to PURGE THE VOTER RECORDS TO ELIMINATE ALL OF THE INELIGIBLE VOTERS so that they are NOT AVAILABLE to used to be cast for the Globalist’s candidates of choice.


    Remember, it is NO COINCIDENCE that they own so many of the voting machines!


    If and when the NPVIC reaches its goal of 270 electoral votes, you can bet that the Constitutionality of this issue will be heard in the Supreme Court, where currently, it is 4 liberals to 4 Conservatives, with John Roberts as the Justice who CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Roberts is the one who slammed Obamacare through, even though it is CLEARLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL to force Americans to purchase any product or Service that is provided by the Government, and Roberts is the Justice who BLOCKED the Census question of asking whether the person is an American Citizen.


    The last issue, which is also a huge issue, is the voter manipulation by Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter to which testimony in the Senate just revealed that the potential exists for a swing of 2.6 to 10.4 million votes or more by suppression of positive information, dispersion of negative, misleading and false information, and encouraging all of their followers to vote while discouraging Conservatives to vote through the use of false polls and constant attacks by the mainstream media (MSM) which is yet another Globalist tool.


    To summarize:

    1. Voter fraud, 5 forms as stated above

    2. Election Fraud Manipulation, which is the primary subject of this article

    3. The NPVIC, designed to usurp the intention of the Electoral College

    4. Social media and it’s deleterious effects on the outcome of the “election” and

    5. MSM and its constant assault on Conservatives

    Are forces that are working together in an attempt to STEAL CONTROL OF AMERICA from AMERICANS on November 3rd, 2020.




    This is why we need to make sure that President Trump and those in his INNER CIRCLE have a CLEAR PICTURE of EXACTLY what they’re facing next year. President Trump has the vast majority of Americans behind him, as evidenced by his rallies. But “Election Result Manipulation” CAN EASILY NEGATE the wishes of the American people.


    Please feel free to share this letter, to send it to The White House, the Trump family, Hannity, etc as I am doing EVERY DAY with the intention of MAKING SURE that WE DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the level of fraud, manipulation and deceit that threatens OUR REPUBLIC!


    Cordially, Rob Raskin



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