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Don’t Let the Globalists Steal Your Vote

  • Don’t Let the Globalists Steal Your Vote


    Our current political system is so corrupt that the Deep State MUST be either brought to justice, voted out, or eliminated by any means necessary. If we don’t, the integrity of our elections will be compromised to the extent that our votes will no longer count.


    The crooked Democrats want to silence real Americans so they can stay in power. There is literally nothing they won’t stoop to in order to swing the election results in their favor. In fact, they’ve developed an election results manipulation system that will do just that, if we let them get away with it.


    We CANNOT have ANY confidence in the results of an “election” if we have NO CONFIDENCE in who’s voting or in how the ballots are counted. In many districts, ballots are simply created after the fact and counted until the candidate of choice is elected.


    This country belongs to you and not the Globalists. Read this guide to how election result manipulation works and what you can do to stop it and arm yourself with the knowledge you’ll need to make sure your voice is heard in 2020.


    How Election Result Manipulation Works

    At this moment, there is no reason to believe the graphics of the election results that are displayed on the fake media on election night have ANY CORRELATION TO REALITY.



    There are five main tricks the Democrats use to rig the game in their favor.

    1. Casting votes on behalf of those who did not vote through fraudulent machine access

    2. Undermining the election process by “electing” defective candidates via machine access

    3. Influencing the vote by social media

    4. Influencing the vote by the mainstream media

    5. Redrawing maps and utilizing the NPVIC destroy the Electoral College


    Items one and two on the above list are the most dangerous elements, and they pose the BIGGEST RISK TO AMERICA’S FUTURE!


    Let’s say there are 12,000 voters registered in a District, and 9,000 of those votes are cast. This means 3,000 votes in the District were not cast. Anyone with access to the voting machines can cast the 3,000 votes for their candidate of choice.

    The larger the number of illegals that are registered to vote, the more “free votes” they have in that District to cast in favor of their selected candidate. It’s NO SURPRISE every one of the 13 states that gives driver’s licenses to illegals are BLUE.


    The ONLY WAY that a Conservative candidate can win at this point is if they win by SUCH A LANDSLIDE that after casting all of the “available votes” in the relevant district(s) they didn’t have enough free votes to bring “victory” to their candidate of choice.


    This is what happened in the 2016 Presidential Election, which was a HUGE SHOCK to the Globalists! Heck, they’re STILL CRYING ABOUT IT!


    This is also how they use the free votes in a district to elect defective candidates. If a strong candidate runs for election, they can use their access to the voter records to cast enough votes for a weaker candidate they know they can beat, which keeps strong candidates out of the running.


    Do you ever wonder why some of the candidates seem to have no chance of getting elected? It’s because the same ELECTION RESULT MANIPULATION used in the general election is also used in the primaries.


    This is why the Globalists are working so hard to change the Electoral College so the Electoral votes are cast in favor of the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote nationwide. This negates the very foundation of our REPUBLIC. Our Founding Fathers NEVER intended for America to be a Democracy, which is majority rule, but rather, a REPUBLIC, so EVERY STATE is entitled to its say in who represents them.


    Once the popular vote falls in favor of their candidate of choice, they can then utilize Election Result Manipulation to cast the uncast available votes in favor of their candidate of choice.


    We Need Federal Voter Identification

    The solution to our country’s voter fraud issues listed above starts with FEDERAL VOTER ID, which would be issued ONLY to those who are CITIZENS of the United States of America! The key is to make sure non-citizens are NOT issued ID or it will defeat the entire purpose.


    The Dems are fighting hard to keep our borders open to invasion. It’s not because illegals vote; it’s because once they’re entered into the database of the Department of Motor Vehicles, they’re also registered to vote. Subsequently, their vote is then available to be cast INTERNALLY on so-called election day.


    How to Stop Election Fraud

    The solution to putting a stop to election fraud is Federal ID is an appointed Committee that looks out for the best interest of the process, with severe accountability for anyone who interferes with fair elections. It is not a difficult concept to grasp, unless you’re a Democrat.


    To stop the election fraud that threatens our country, we must:

    1. STOP the invasion of our Southern border

    2. INCREASE the deportation of the illegals that are currently in our country

    3. Purge the voter records to eliminate ineligible voters so they are no longer available to be cast for the globalists’ candidates of choice.


    Remember, it is NO COINCIDENCE that the Globalists own so many of the voting machines!



    There are forces working together in an attempt to STEAL CONTROL OF AMERICA from AMERICANS on November 3rd, 2020.




    This is why we need to make sure that President Trump and those in his INNER CIRCLE have a CLEAR PICTURE of EXACTLY what they’re facing next year. President Trump has the vast majority of Americans behind him, as evidenced by his rallies. But Election Result Manipulation CAN EASILY NEGATE the wishes of the American people.


    This is the fifth part in my series that is aimed at destroying the Deep State’s attempts to steal the 2020 election. Visit to read the rest of the series. In the next installment I’ll go into depth about how the National Voter Interstate Compact, Globalist social media manipulation, and corporate donations are used to sway our elections in the Democrats’ favor.


    I encourage you to share this information widely. Send it to The White House, the Trump family, Hannity, etc. as I am doing EVERY DAY with the intention of MAKING SURE WE DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the level of fraud, manipulation, and deceit that threatens OUR REPUBLIC.

    Cordially, Rob Raskin