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Rob Raskin wRites - Pt 5: How the Global Elite Buys Your Vote

  • How the Global Elite Buys Your Vote

    The only way we can implement fair elections that will return America to the American people is to take down the Deep State. It is through this purview that I view Donald Trump as an American hero, and I only hope that Bill Barr, John Durham, Kurt Gowdy, and Rudy Giuliani, along with many others, bring indictments against all of the Globalist tools, from Soros to Obama to Clinton.


    Everyone in a position of power or authority who is working against the best interest of our country needs to be arrested.


    This article will uncover three of the major ways the Global Elite is conspiring to buy your vote. The corrupt Democrats will stop at NOTHING to undo the 2016 election. Here’s how they’re trying to do it. Don’t let them get away with it. It’s time to return integrity to our elections.


    Why We Don’t Have Voter Integrity

    Those who are assigned to Voter Integrity Committees are subject to bribery, and there’s no shortage of money for this purpose. Some estimates have the net worth of the Rothschilds in the $500 TRILLION range.


    For those who are not familiar, the Rothschilds own the Federal Reserve scam. The Federal Reserve is nothing by a privately held LLC whose purpose is to be the middleman, loaning money to America and charging interest. America is PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF PRINTING MONEY ON ITS OWN, without the Federal Reserve’s involvement.


    JFK was about to go public with this information when he made his last speech, in which he said, “There’s a plot in place to enslave every man, woman, and child in America. Before I leave office, I will expose it.”


    Shortly thereafter, JFK was assassinated by what now is thought to have been a CIA assassination. Yes, the CIA is controlled by the Globalists, as is the FBI and our Congress.


    The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

    The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact or NPVIC, is now comprised of 16 states totaling 196 Electoral votes. When this Compact gets to 270 electoral votes, their plan is to cast the 270 votes in favor of the President who won the popular vote, with no regard for the voters in each state.


    If and when the NPVIC reaches its goal of 270 electoral votes, you can bet the Constitutionality of this issue will be heard in the Supreme Court. Currently the SCOTUS is four Liberals to four Conservatives, with John Roberts as the Justice who CANNOT BE TRUSTED.


    Roberts is the one who slammed Obamacare through, even though it is CLEARLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL to force Americans to purchase any product or service that is provided by the government. Roberts is also the Justice who BLOCKED the Census question of asking whether the person is an American citizen.


    We MUST appoint another Conservative Judge to replace Ginsburg as expeditiously as possible. It’s my understanding that a Supreme Court Justice CAN be removed if they are no longer able to perform the required duties. Ginsburg’s health should be watched closely.


    The solution to render the NPVIC powerless is to defeat it in the Supreme Court, provided it’s not compromised enough to vote against blocking it.


    Deep State Social Media Manipulation

    Shocking testimony in the Senate has revealed that voter manipulation by Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter has the potential to swing of 2.6 to 10.4 million votes.


    This will be achieved through the suppression of positive information, dispersion of negative, misleading and false information, and encouraging all of their followers to vote. At the same time, Conservatives will be discouraged from voting through the use of false polls and constant attacks by the mainstream media (MSM), which is yet another Globalist tool.


    The solution for this one must start with Executive Orders from President Trump, followed by Federal Lawsuits to break up the coercion that exists between the MSM and Social Media.


    Corporate Donations Are the Solution

    To level the playing field, there should be a reasonable dollar amount allotted to each candidate who runs for office, with no donations allowed except for minimal amounts, perhaps $1000 max, from any private citizen, and NO MONIES ALLOWED from ANY CORPORATIONS, GOVERNMENTS, AGENCIES, etc. so they cannot buy the influence of any candidate.


    Along with a limit on corporate donations, here are more of my proposed solutions that can return integrity to our elections:

    1. Federal Voter ID
    2. Elimination of the Deep State via Prosecution and Execution where warranted
    3. Appointment of Voter Integrity Committees with STRICT OVERSIGHT AND PENALTY
    4. Replace Voter Machines with stable, no-access system in conjunction with Social Security
    5. Eliminate registering non-citizens in any Government database including motor vehicles
    6. Defeat the NPVIC in the Supreme Court
    7. Government funded exact same dollar amount for each candidate
    8. $1000 maximum on personal contributions, NO Corporate contributions
    9. Eliminate the Federal Reserve to weaken its hold on our Economy
    10. Eliminate the United Nations to eliminate their interference


    This is the sixth part in my series that is aimed at destroying the Deep State’s attempts to steal the 2020 election. Visit to read the rest of the series.


    Once again, I encourage you to share this information widely. Send it to The White House, the Trump family, Hannity, etc. as I am doing EVERY DAY with the intention of MAKING SURE WE DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the level of fraud, manipulation, and deceit that threatens OUR REPUBLIC.

    Rob Raskin


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