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Rob Raskin wRites - Bring The Noise!

  • Greetings Fellow Patriots!!!
    I hope that each and every one of you are enjoying a wonderful Holiday season.
    As New Years approaches, we have much work to do.
    First and foremost is the reelection of Trump/Pence, and control of both houses.
    The problem is that even though they have the overwhelming support of the people, the Globalists can manipulate the election results by casting votes on behalf of illegals that are entered into the motor vehicle database, and felons who are already in the system.
    We MUST make as much noise as we can to bring awareness of this issue.
    The biggest damage the impeachment saga is causing us to take our focus off of the election fraud. 
    This is a CRITICAL issue for the 2020 election and for all future elections. 
    It is not a forgone conclusion that they won't succeed in getting 67 Senators to vote to remove our President. In the event that they succeed, we will have NO CHOICE but to stop what we're doing and take our Country back. A list of enemies is listed under the "enemies" tab on PAO.
    In Virginia, the new governor is threatening to send in the National Guard and UN Troops to disarm Virginia's citizens. I IMPLORE the National Guard NOT to follow these illegal orders, but rather, to join forces with the good citizens of Virginia, and together, remove both the UN Troops and the governor. 
    Remember, the future of our Great Country depends on Great Americans following in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers. If we don't step up, we will lose our Country, and America and the American dream will be no more.
    It's up to each and every one of us to make sure our Country endures.
    I am hoping that the impeachment issue, the situation in Virginia, and the election fraud that threatens our Republic, resolve themselves this year with no bloodshed.
    And I hope that all of the real criminals, from Soros to Obama to Clinton to Brennan to Comey, are all arrested, convicted and executed for Treason.
    But always remember, our 4 brave heroes who were killed in Benghazi lost their lives for one reason only: they ran out of ammo!
    Here's to being prepared for whatever's in store for us in 2020.
    Wishing a great year for each of you, for your families, for our President and Vice President, and of course, for Our Great Country!!!

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