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Rob Raskin wRites: The Draconian Shutdown of Nevada

  • I just wrote this to the Governor's office here in Nevada. I am FURIOUS about the ongoing, draconian measures that keep getting added every time he holds a press conference!

    I'd like to address the Governor's order to shut down the golf courses.

    Is he aware that exercise is healthy, and that golf courses are outside?

    Are there tons of people getting sick and dying on the golf courses?

    It's one thing to look out for the health of the people and the state as a whole, but it's quite another to make rules that are simply draconian in nature, and over-abuse of power, and accomplish nothing other than to anger and alienate the people.

    Even before he ordered the Golf courses to shut down, he ordered everyone to be in their own cart! This means that people who drove to the course together while inside the car, then were not allowed to be in a golf cart in the great outdoors. What is he thinking?

    We're not subjects, we're independent, free Americans. We hire our Governor to look out for the best interest of the State of Nevada. Closing every business? Not allowing Church services with people IN THEIR CARS for Easter? Roping off parts of Wal-Mart so we can't buy our children a toy or a jacket as needed? There have been peaceful protests up until now, but let the record show that I for one am absolutely FURIOUS at these draconian orders from the Governor as if he is a Dictator as opposed to an elected official who works for US.

    There have been 118 deaths as of now in the entire state of Nevada. There is NO REASON why businesses can't be open, with everyone able to wear a mask and use Purell. Vitamins C, D and E are great for prevention, and hydroxychloroquine, zinc and a Z-pak work incredibly well for treatment.

    Let's stop playing dictator, open up the golf courses, open up the businesses, and let's get back on track, because the "cure" is worse than the disease and people are getting more furious by the day.

    And I'll bet money that when this is behind us, not one Democrat will stand up and say that President Trump did an OUTSTANDING JOB and that China needs to be held accountable for the intentional attack via a bioweapon made in the Wuhan Virology Lab, and that the MSM needs to start reporting real news or lose their license to report propaganda.

    Between a Dictator in the Governor's seat and the Propaganda being pushed by the MSM, we're unrecognizable as a Country, which is exactly what the Globalists want, and are using the Democratic Party and the MSM to perpetrate, but let's not forget that there are 300 million AMERICANS who are NOT about to let America fall.

    Please let the Governor know that Rob Raskin said to cut the crap, open the golf courses, and open the rest of the businesses with orders to wear a mask, adhere to 6' social distancing, and use Purell frequently. We're not children!

    Thanks for listening.

    Here's to a GREAT DAY!

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