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Re-Open Nevada NOW!

  • Sisolak, the Governor of Nevada, doesn't want to open the state back up until the Casino's are all signed off. Just what do the Casino's have to do with every small business owner trying to earn a living and not losing their business? This is aside from the fact that there are only 19 current cases, the hospitals are virtually empty, nurses have actually been laid off, and the virus dies in 80 degree temperature.

    And social distancing and wearing a mask will never work in a restaurant, a casino, or virtually anywhere else for that matter. Can you imagine how many miles the line at motor vehicles will be if everyone had to stand 6' apart?

    So what's the solution? If you are immune-compromised, take precautions, and discuss with your doctor whether you should be taking hydroxycloroquine, vitamin C, D, and E and/or solenium.

    If you're a healthy person, LIVE YOUR LIFE while being smart about it. This is nothing more than a Socialist takeover predicated from an INTENTIONAL GLOBAL ATTACK by the Globalists, from Rothschild to Soros to Obama to Clinton to Gate to Fauci, with SO MANY MORE GLOBALISTS accountable as well.

    RIGHT NOW, AG Bill Barr needs to file suit against EVERY GOVERNOR who is holding his State hostage before people take matters into their own hands - AND. WE. WILL!

    And that's my rant for today!