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Rob Raskin wRites: The TIME IS NOW! Re-Open Nevada

  • Governor Sisolak - Don't look now but your AGENDA is showing!
    We are now in week 6 of involuntarily incarcerated by a democratic socialist governor with an agenda of assisting the globalists he works for to get the people to accept mandatory vaccinations in order to get our "get out of the house" card.
    There is NO JUSTIFICATION for your actions Governor, and we the people are SICK of your twisted agenda! The hospitals are not overloaded, the temperature is hovering at 90 degrees, and flu season is just about over. Yet, we're supposed to stay LOCKED IN OUR HOMES? 

    First of all, you don't have the Constitutional Authority to order us to stay in our homes and to keep our businesses closed. YOU SIMPLY DON'T AND YOU KNOW YOU DON'T!

    Secondly, as the left says "My body, My Choice!" If I want to go outside, believe or not THIS IS STILL AMERICA AND I AM FREE TO DO SO!!!
    I'm challenging you today to a LIVE DEBATE - Just you and me - a LIVE CONVERSATION for the ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE that you won't be able to justify ANY PORTION of your "reasoning" behind your continued attacks on the people of Nevada and on our livelihoods!
    Just the fact that you have 2000 people working on the stadium daily COMPLETELY DESTROYS YOUR CREDIBILITY! There's NO WAY TO JUSTIFY that the Stadium project can continue and mining can continue, but small businesses are not allowed to open under threat of losing their business licenses, being fined or being charged criminally. YOU JUST DON'T HAVE THE AUTHORITY OR THE CREDIBILITY to continue as Governor of Nevada.

    As you know, there is a STRONG RECALL CAMPAIGN to remove you from office. I'm asking for you to either DEBATE ME LIVE so the world can see that you're actually just supporting the Democratic Socialist Agenda of FORCED vaccinations for a virus that can be EASILY TREATED with hydroxycloroquine, zinc and a Z-pak, and that this TOTAL CITY LOCK DOWN is both UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND CONTINUED ONLY WITH NEFARIOUS PURPOSES.
    I understand that this week you ordered all outdoor Farmer's Markets CLOSED UNTIL OCTOBER!!! Do you realize that you put all of those people out of business? Do you realize that the reason why the Farmer's market exists is because WE THE PEOPLE ARE FREE AND WE CHOOSE TO GO TO A FARMER'S MARKET FOR INTERACTION AND TO PURCHASE FRESH PRODUCE FOR OUR FAMILIES? Who the hell do you think you are to sit there in your Ivory Tower and think of ways to ATTEMPT TO CONTROL US?
    I don't suppose that you're going to abandon your twisted agenda, listen to the people, listen to the Mayor, and END YOUR TYRANNY, but as you continue to destroy everything we've built, as you continue to stomp on our Civil Liberties, and as you CONTINUE TO VIOLATE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, you're going to continue to INFURIATE THE PEOPLE OF NEVADA, and at some point, it's bound to get a lot uglier than angry emails.


    So get off your high horse, realize that you've played your hand for as long as possible, and REVERSE COURSE for the good of the State of Nevada. Then do us ALL A HUGE FAVOR and resign IMMEDIATELY, because you've pissed off enough of us now that even the VOTER FRAUD that put you into office in the first place won't be enough NEXT TIME.
    And that ends today's rant!

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