Law enforcement can play a critical role in helping to save our Country.

    We're all aware of the tyranny that we are facing in many states throughout the country.

    And, we’re seeing the citizens protesting against that tyranny.

    What were also see our law enforcement officers following the edicts of the governors of their state directly or indirectly in shutting down protests.


    Law enforcement officers live in our communities. The children go to school with our children. They shop where we shop. Law enforcement offices are us with one exception; they are the thin blue line that prevents society from becoming unsafe.

    But at this point in history we the people aren’t looking for anarchy. We're simply looking for the Constitution which is the law of the land to be followed.

    Governors cannot arbitrarily choose to ignore the Constitution. Even AG Barr clearly said principles of the Constitution cannot be set aside even in times of crisis.

    Clearly the release of this virus by the lab in Wuhan caused a worldwide crisis.

    Clearly this virus is nowhere near as deadly as previously thought.

    Clearly flu season is over as temperatures increase.


    And yet, governors throughout the country are still issuing Unconstitutional Orders to the citizens of their state.

    They’ve ordered us to be involuntarily incarcerated in their homes.

    They’ve ordered us not to run their businesses.

    They boarded us not to hold church services even from the safety of their vehicles.

    And they've ordered Law Enforcement to enforce these orders! Each of these orders is an Unconstitutional order!


    And Unconstitutional orders must not be followed!


    With this in mind, I’m appealing to all law enforcement officers today. No one has more respect for you than I do. I’m an active supporter of the wounded blue project which helps police officers who have been hurt in the line of duty. You’ve chosen a difficult but honorable profession to keep our country safe.

    Before your role as a police officer, you are first a CITIZEN of the United States of America. You are part of "we the people." We know that can see what’s happening here in this country just like the rest of us.

    The difference between the citizens and the LEO’s is that while tyranny affects all of us, you’re in the unenviable position of working for the tyrant when you are also one of the people.

    At this point in history we need for you to stand with your fellow citizens, not against us. We need for you to refuse to be the enforcers for the tyrant. The last thing that I would ever want to see is for a law enforcement officer to be hurt in the line of duty by a protester when the protester is doing the right thing which is standing up to tyranny.


    Most of us are familiar with the saying “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”

    I have watched law enforcement in riot gear stand against protesters, managing them, herding them, containing them.

    In so doing, law enforcement risks becoming the arm of the tyrants here in America just as Nazi soldiers became the arm of Adolf Hitler. "I'm just doing my job" didn't cut it then, and certainly doesn't cut it now.


    LEO's arrested a 100-year-old man for being at a birthday celebration.

    LEO's arrested a parishioner for wanting to pray in church.

    LEO's arrested a man who had a concealed weapon permit and a firearm.

    LEO's arrested a father in front of his 5-year old for playing in the park.


    And now they're arresting and ticketing people for not being 6' apart in public!

    In California, the governor had the nerve to shut down the beaches in May. But the bigger concern is that the tyrant issues an order to law enforcement and the next thing you know you see law enforcement on television in riot gear preventing your fellow citizens from violating an unconstitutional order.

    This situation pits the citizens against law enforcement. But the thing is, we’re all citizens!

    We the people have no desire to fight with law enforcement. We the people are asking law enforcement to simply do one thing: think as to whether the order you are being given is a constitutional order.

    And if it’s not constitutional order, don’t follow it!

    At this point in time we will see more and more protests. As protests increase in frustration and intensity, they are apt to become more violent. As citizens, our frustration lies with the governors who are issuing unconstitutional orders.

    At this point in time we will see more and more examples of unconstitutional orders from governors who have disregarded the U.S. Constitution and have become more and more tyrannical.


    And at this point in time the governors will be relying on law enforcement to execute their tyrannical orders. I’m appealing today to our law enforcement officers because I can clearly see that what the governors are doing is to pit the citizens who are not law enforcement against the citizens who are law enforcement.

    My point is that we are all citizens of the United States of America and we are all protected by the U.S. Constitution. A tyrant can rise to power but essentially be powerless if their unconstitutional laws are not enforced by law enforcement.

    Every elected official, every judge, attorney, soldier, and law enforcement officer have the obligation to make sure that their actions are consistent with the U.S. Constitution.

    The last thing that I ever want to see is for these protests to become violent and for any one of our citizens, private citizens or law enforcement citizens, to be hurt as a result of the actions of a tyrant.

    With this in mind I’m asking for law enforcement to consider the constitutionality of an order before following it.

    Don’t arrest people for playing in the park.

    Don’t arrest people for going to the beach.

    Don’t arrest people for buying seeds to plant in their yard.

    Don’t arrest people for taking their boat out on the lake.

    Don’t arrest people for exercising their right to religious freedom.


    When you get up in the morning, as you're putting on the blue, please remember that first and foremost you are Citizen of the United States of America who is sworn to protect the U.S. Constitution, not to follow the unconstitutional orders of a tyrant.


    “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”

    Make the decision to be part of the rebellion for the sake of our nation, rather than part of the tyranny. I know it’s a difficult decision, and I know you’re in a tough position, but right now your country needs you to step up and fight against tyranny, rather than being used as a tool to enforce it and to further their agenda.

    Law enforcement, you have a choice. You can be part of the solution, for the betterment of the Country, your family, and your children and grandchildren, or you can follow the edicts of a tyrant, knowing you're doing the wrong thing for our great Country.

    Please step up, do the right thing, and help your fellow Citizens to steer our Country back in the right direction. Be safe. And be an American First and Foremost, always.