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Rob Raskin wRites: Lets Switch Gears & Battle Voter Fruad

  • Let’s start off by stating the obvious. There is no more Democratic Party. The party of John F. Kennedy is forever gone, replaced by a criminal enterprise that is being used by the globalists to attempt to take over the country.

    Clearly, they never planned on Donald Trump being elected so they never bothered to cover their tracks for all of the crimes they perpetrated through all the years.

    As they became more desperate to remove the President and failed, they perpetrated the coronavirus as a cover for their endgame which is to try to steal the November election via the use of mail-in ballots.

    We’ve already heard numerous horror stories directly from postal employees regarding the delivery of hundreds of ballots to one address. We all know that there is no way to have an election of any sort as long as thousands upon thousands of ballots are mailed out for anyone to complete.

    But the voter fraud issue goes much deeper than mail-in ballots.

    The addition of illegals to the motor vehicles database allows for votes to be cast on their behalf internally via computer as needed in order to get the globalists endorsed candidate to win.

    The addition of felons to be allowed to vote also allows for their votes to be cast on their behalf internally.

    The combination of mail-in ballots, illegals with drivers licenses and felons given back the right to vote gives the globalists more than enough votes to be able to overcome the number of votes that is the will of the American people so that their candidate wins instead of ours.

    The globalists were shocked in 2016 when Pres. Trump one by such a landslide that they couldn’t cover the spread. The mail-in ballots will give them the edge they need to win.


    The voter fraud issue doesn’t just affect the presidential race.

    Voter fraud has been used effectively to defeat strong Republican candidates by casting votes in favor of the weaker candidates during the primaries.

    Voter fraud has been used effectively to steal enough seats so that the Senate is essentially up for grabs.

    Voter fraud has been used effectively to steal enough seats so that the house has a majority.

    The globalists control everything except President Donald Trump. And if they are successful in using mail-in ballots on the basis of a virus with a 99.9% survival rate we will lose our country.

    Therefore, the mail-in ballots must be our line in the sand. We must at this point override the vast amount of voter fraud occurring in our country by insisting that anyone who votes has a Federal ID.

    We must also institute a policy whereby the day of the election is the last day that votes can be counted.

    The American people have lost confidence in the outcomes of our elections. The globalists of course couldn’t care less and many of those who support their agenda are in our government and are perpetrating the voter fraud against us by insisting that it’s unsafe for us to vote in person.

    We the people are effectively represented only by our President and a handful of well-meaning patriots.

    As we celebrate Memorial Day, we pay honor and tribute to all those who fought to keep America free. That fight is now on us. We must step up and insist that federal ID is instituted immediately by executive order to prevent us from disaster on November 3.

    If we succeed in November in taking back the house, expanding our hold on the Senate and making sure that Pres. Trump has four more years in office we will have time to prosecute and destroy much of the deep state so that in the 2024 election we use federal ID to maintain control of the will of the people, we keep the Constitution in place to protect our rights and we continue to be free.

    But if we do not succeed in November, what we have seen so far in 2020 will be just the tip of the iceberg. Alan Dershowitz is already stating that per a 1905 law the government has the right to forcibly vaccinate us. Gates involvement in the vaccine tells you two things. First, that the chip that they are intending to implant and the tracking of each individual as a result of having that chip is 100% factual. And second, since Gates is a huge proponent of population control and since his vaccines in Third World countries have not only been harmful but have also had a sterilization factor to it too slow the population growth, you can safely bet everything you own that a forced vaccine will not ever be in our best interest.

    The globalists stepped in and sold Pres. Trump on a model that showed upwards of 2 million Americans dying from this virus that we now know was intentionally released from China and promoted by the Soros, Obama, Gates, Fauci globalist connection.

    The truth of course was that this virus was nowhere near as potent or as dangerous as they suggested to the point that in order to inflate their numbers to try to make it look like it’s a huge threat they have counted many deaths having nothing to do with the virus as a covid-19 death and their testing is extremely flawed to the point where there is no way that we can have any confidence in the numbers of people that may or may not test positive.

    We now have 30 million people out of work and many who have lost their livelihoods due to a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. Yet the CDC is looking to hire 300,000 trackers and tracers to meet with every person who tests positive, to find out who all of their friends, relatives and contacts are, and to test them as well.

    The Minister of health of Ventura County California just came out to say that if a person tests positive and they only have one bathroom in their home and they live with other people they will have to be removed from their home and put into alternative housing until they recover.

    In the state of Washington, they are looking to hire people to work with children who have been removed from their homes due to the parents testing positive.

    And as we’ve all seen from New York, the governor intentionally sent sick people to the nursing homes and rehab centers resulting in many deaths while the USS comfort at the Jacob Javits Center and multiple field hospitals all sat empty.

    There is absolutely no proof that a virus can jump 6 feet. There is absolutely no proof that healthy people wearing masks is a better choice than healthy people wearing no masks. There’s absolutely no proof that swimming in the ocean on Memorial Day weekend will spread the virus.

    There is plenty of proof however that the five states that never shut down including Iowa, Nebraska, North and South Dakota and Wyoming did not see all of their residents die from the virus. There is plenty of proof that the people from the state of Georgia didn’t die when their state reopened.

    There is plenty of proof that Sweden is on its way to having a herd immunity so the next time the virus rears its ugly head the people of Sweden already have antibodies in their system naturally without being subjected to an untested vaccine with nefarious intentions.

    And lastly there is plenty of proof that the virus is not deadly because all of the homeless who do not maintain 6 feet distancing, do not wear masks, do not wash their hands, are malnourished I do not see doctors on a regular basis are all very much still alive.

    I’ve watched the coordinated effort of the global news media 24 hours a day seven days a week telling people that for our own safety we can go to Walmart, but we can’t go to Macy’s. We can have an abortion, but we can’t go to church. We can go to the beach, but we can’t go in the water.


    The foundation of America is the US Constitution and it cannot be put aside for a virus or for any other reason. It is 100% unconstitutional to lock healthy people in their homes. It is 100% unconstitutional to deny us the right to work. It is 100% unconstitutional to prevent us from prayer. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the three basic rights afforded to us by our founding fathers and this country was based on these freedoms.

    If we lose in November, our freedoms are forever over. We are already seeing people being arrested for opening their business, for walking on a beach, for walking less than 6 feet apart, for not wearing a mask, and for attempting to get together for a religious service. And we are already seeing thousands upon thousands of prisoners being released in order to make room for the “subversives.”

    This is only a very small sign of what is coming if in November if we lose control of the house the Senate and the White House.

    In November America’s future is on the line. Our lives are on the line. Maintaining control on November 3 is absolutely critical to each and every American.

    Therefore, I must ask that everyone contact Pres. Trump, Mike Pence, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram, the White House, Bill Barr, and anyone and everyone that you know to make it clear that we must have Federal Voter ID in place by November 3.

    If we don’t have Federal Voter ID in place, it may not matter how many of us vote because where working against so much voter fraud that we may not be able to overcome it. And if we don’t, our last line of defense will be a second Revolutionary war against the globalists.

    The only way at this point of preventing bloodshed is to make sure that two things happen.

    First, we must maintain control of Congress and the White House on November 3

    And second, we must take down the deep state, and if AG bar is unwilling to do so we must make an immediate change to put people in place that will prosecute and execute every globalist who committed treason against our Great Country!

    We the people are tired of the double standard, of the voter fraud, of the constant attacks on our country from within, and on the constant attacks of the people who are the real patriots of America. We are right at the breaking point and it’s time to take our country back by making sure that the elections are not marred by voter fraud.

    Otherwise, we the people will have no alternative but to step up and take our Country back by any means necessary. I hope it never comes to this, but this is our red line in the sand: