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Rob Raskin Rants: Respect for ALL Life.

  • And you know, the saddest part is that I don't know of ANYONE who wasn't appalled by that video and who didn't want "Justice for George Floyd." I assume that "Justice" means that the 4 officers involved in this arrest would be punished to the fullest extent of the law. In approx 10 days time, they performed the autopsy, arrested the first officer, continued to build a case, and arrested the other 3 officers, all of whom were fired immediately.
    MN AG Keith Ellison clearly stated that he wants Justice done, and so did President Trump and the DOJ. Wouldn't you think that a "protest for Justice" would have more merit if someone, ANYONE, was REFUSING Justice to be served? I am unaware of anyone in the MN Police Department, the MN Government, or the Federal Government who did NOT want to see Justice served. If the protest is to insist on more stringent rules for Police officers, then how does a protest turned riot that has caused billions of dollars in damage inspire ANYONE in the right mind to put more restrictions on Police Officers.
    If the argument is that every life matters, then why is there constantly no outcry by leaders of the African American Community over all the deaths in Chicago, which last weekend alone resulted in 80 people shot and 21 of those fatal. If every life matters, why have there been approx 675,000 abortions of African American children in 2019.
    And where's the outcry over the 5 African Americans who were killed during the riot? How do we think that their families might feel having lost their loved one as a result of a riot over the loss of a fellow African American? I have had no one say that George Floyd's death wasn't horrific, unconscionable, and totally avoidable. I have had no one say that all 4 officers should not be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.
    But I have had virtually EVERYONE say that at this point, the riots MUST STOP, and that it doesn't seem as though they WILL stop unless we rise up to stop them. Speaking to the Dem/Socialists, Hollywood, and Soros-paid personnel, if your end game is to engage us, you're doing a great job indeed. On the Lincoln Memorial a rioter spray painted the following message: "Ya'all tired of all this yet?"
    Well, the answer is that were tired of it a week ago, and so it's time to stop rioting. If you do not stop rioting, you are only proving how hypocritical your position is since your position is "Black Lives Matter" EXCLUDING all of the African Americans who died during the riots, EXCLUDING all of the African Americans who die at the hands of their brothers, and EXCLUDING ALL LIVES LOST via violence EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD EACH AND EVERY DAY.
    Respect for life means RESPECT FOR ALL LIFE. If you choose to KILL PEOPLE, including AFRICAN AMERICANS, while protesting the DEATH of an AFRICAN AMERICAN at the hand of another, then there's really no logic at all to your position.
    So, how about if everyone takes a breath, stops killing each other, and starts loving each other, before you force us to defend our lives and property, which we will absolutely do if the rioting, looting, arson, beatings, rapes and murders continue.
    And that's the end of my rant for today.

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