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Rob Raskin wRites: Fighting for Freedom - Voter Fraud Matters

  • As the time draws closer to November 3 it’s important for us to all be aware of the many ways that voter fraud will affect this election.

    The deep state is fighting for its life right now as 30 people of Obama’s administration have been subpoenaed by the Senate to testify. This comes on the heels of Rod Rosenstein singing like a canary and implicating people higher up in the food chain.

    The deep state knows that if the Republicans take the house, keep the Senate and the White House that the swamp will indeed be drained and in the process will result in many arrests and convictions and sentencing. Treason charges have been discussed numerous times and the penalty for treason is death.

    Therefore, obviously the deep state is truly fighting to retain their power, their wealth, and their freedom. This is why they first sprung Covid-19 upon us and then followed it up with a nationwide pre-planned attack from within using anti-theft and the Black Lives Matter to destroy as much of our country as possible.

    As we can clearly see, the Democratic governors are refusing to control the violence in their cities which is allowing for more and more people to join in the riots every day and take advantage of the opportunity to loot.

    This puts the onus of restoring law and order squarely on the president’s shoulders and the Democrats are just waiting for President Trump to do just that so they could then scream that is a fascist and utilize the clips of the National Guard and perhaps the military in their constant assault on him in commercials as the election draws near.

    In the meantime, under the cover of Covid-19 they have ushered in mail in ballots. There is absolutely no question that mail in ballots will lead to incredible instances of voter fraud. In addition to the obvious, which is either not to count some of the ballots or to change the ballots, the ballots are also being mailed out to non-citizens, people that have moved and people that are deceased.

    In addition to all the illegals that will suddenly find themselves with a ballot, convicted felons have been given back the right to vote in record numbers and most of them vote Democrat.

    Even though there is a huge walkaway movement from the Democratic Party as it is clear that they have been hijacked by the globalists with George Soros at the helm, the mainstream media continues to promote the narrative that Pres. trump trails Joe Biden by as much as 16%.

    Not only has Joe Biden been in Washington DC for almost 40 years, but at this point at 77 years old he finds it increasingly more difficult to complete a sentence. Anyone with half a brain can see how dangerous it would be to put someone in the White House who not only hasn’t accomplished anything of value in almost 4 decades, but also doesn’t possess the ability to think clearly even when he’s not under pressure.

    President Trump on the other hand has accomplished so much in these first 3 ½ years including building our economy to unheard of heights. As a result of the Covid-19 attack on America the economy took an unavoidable step backwards. However, there is no question that the economy will come roaring back under President Trump.

    Most importantly, in the next four years the swamp will be drained and by the time we are ready for the November 2024 elections there will be much less corruption in Washington DC.

    It’s clear that it’s the 11th hour for the deep state. It’s also clear that the Democratic Party is that they are tool and that along with the mainstream media they are using it to attempt to burn our country to the ground.

    Personally, I am absolutely in favor of supporting our police with whatever tools they need to restore law and order to our cities. I believe that once a protest becomes violent, it’s over. I believe that the safety and freedom of law-abiding citizens preempts the right to protest. I believe that tying the hands of the police is the exact wrong thing to do.

    In 2019 there were approximately 10 million arrests in the United States. Of those 10 million arrests, 1004 resulted in fatal shootings. Of the 1004 shootings, there were 10 fatal shootings of unarmed African Americans, 9 men and 1 woman. Of these 10 incidents, in five of them the officers were being physically attacked, defended themselves, and no charges were filed. In three of them, various circumstances resulted in no charges filed as well. In two of the incidents, charges were filed against the police officers involved. The story line that there’s a genocide going on where white police officers are killing unarmed African Americans is simply not supported by the facts.

    We are less than five months from the November 3 election, and the majority of people in the United States are disgusted with the lawlessness. First and foremost, we need to do all we can to restore order to our cities.

    The biggest point I want to make is that even though the country is in turmoil, we still need to make sure that we address the voter fraud issue before November 3. In a fair election there is no question that the Republicans take the house, pick up seats in the Senate and retain President Trump for a second term. The Democratic Party has obviously become an enemy of the United States of America and is actually supporting the riots, donating funds for bail, and pledging to keep the writing going. However, unless we get a handle on the voter fraud, we may very well be incredibly surprised on election night to find out that the voter fraud was more extensive than any of us thought. Personally, I support an immediate executive order requiring federal voter ID to eliminate multiple votes, noncitizen votes, deceased votes, and inmate votes.

    Let’s all do what we can to contact the White House, the Atty. Gen. Barr, and everyone whom you think will be able to help to make sure that we have is fair of an election as possible on November 3rd!


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