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What Really Happened at the Tulsa Rally????

  • President Trump wondered why the top tier of the BOK arena was not filled.
    From someone who attempted to attend Trump's rally last night:
    Jeannie and I had reserved tickets to attend the rally. Although somewhat chaotic with people driving by yelling obscenities at us as we walked, a mean mug or two and a fight or two breaking out around us, everything wasn't actually that bad. However, finding a gate entrance was quite the task...nothing was clarified - and protesters were blocking entrances. We finally found how to get in. At the exact moment we approached the first barrier (police tape) there were police lined up at the tape and at the opening we were greeted by the Secret service or contract military (not sure who they were) at 6:05 p.m. who told us, along with a multitude of others at our gate (there was three separate entrance gates at various locations) that we could not enter. We asked why? They said that the BOK had reached its capacity and the temperature checkers had left prematurely and acted pretty smug about it which I thought was strange. Some who waited with us said they had friends on the inside who text and told them that there were still many empty seats available.
    So, we waited at the police tape entrance dumb founded for 20 minutes until the police line started backing up and went through a 10 foot fence and chained and locked the gate. No other explanation. Further, no one was even allowed into the jumbo-tron area to watch it outside. We walked with a man on our way back to our car, who was on the inside but decided to leave, who also said that there were many more seats available. This is the absolute first hand truth. So, we drove home to watch what was left of the rally on tv to see many empty seats in the background and hear nothing but lies from reporters who reported that the Trump rally didn't have the turnout that they expected inside and no one even turned out to rally outside to watch the jumbotron (which is exactly what a supporter waiting with us said the media would say). Nothing but lies! We were lied to! They locked a multitude of us out! They even reported that Trump was surprised at the low turnout. If I can get a message to the President, I will tell him how they duped him at this rally and how he is getting played by those who surround him.

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