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Rob Raskin wRites: Greetings Fellow Patriots!

  • Greetings Fellow Patriots!           

    With July 4th behind us, it’s time for an update from your founder at PAO.


    As we know, we’re looking forward to sweeping victories in November, with the result of retaking the House, increasing our majority in the Senate, and of course holding on to the White House.


    In our way stand 3 huge issues:


    The first one is massive voter fraud, as the enemy is attempting to force mail-in ballots because they know that otherwise, they have no chance of prevailing.


    The second one is the war that has erupted in our streets, which will continue unless we put an end to them by force.


    And the third is that by now its clear that we can’t have any confidence to go the Supreme Court for a favorable ruling because Justice Roberts has been compromised.


    With regards to the Deep State, they know they need a miracle, and they’re pulling out every dirty trick in the book from a fake pandemic to a fake race war to the danger of voting in person (or going to church for that matter) to tearing our cities down throughout the Country in blue states only.


    What’s extremely clear is that the DNC has become a domestic terror organization as should be labeled as such. The DNC, BLM, ANTIFA, MB, CAIR, and so many additional “Soros funded” organizations are united with one purpose: To prevent the loss of power and the embarrassment of charges of Treason, Pedophilia and murder that will end their legacies, put them in prison, and perhaps even result in their execution.


    In order for us to prevail in November, we need a solution for the voter fraud issue. President Trump and AG Barr are both aware of the issue, so hopefully they will be able to get a handle on it, so it doesn’t become a disaster. We all know that if the election doesn’t come out in our favor, not one of us will accept it or believe it, and with our Country at stake, we can’t afford to let it go uncontested. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to this point.


    In the meantime, we need to call for the immediate arrest of the Democratic Governors throughout the US who are allowing their states to be destroyed. We know they’re assisting the enemy forces because they’re tying their officer’s hands to prevent them from taking control.


    We are constantly being taunted by enemy terrorist groups telling us that they’re going to come to our neighborhoods. I hope that by now each of you are well-prepared. If you are not, please visit one of our sister sites, This site lists the supplies you should have as well as how to build a team for defense. The site doesn’t sell anything. It’s an information site only and created only to assist my fellow Patriots.


    By now we know that the “pandemic” was nothing of the kind. The numbers are artificially inflated, and the remedy could always have been hydroxychloroquine, zinc and a z-pak, just like our President said. In addition, we know now that masks should NOT be worn because they cause more harm than good, and we should never have locked down in the first place. We also know that the virus didn’t originate in a wet market, just like Benghazi wasn’t a result of an insulting video.


    And lastly, we know now that 5 of the Dem Governors were directly responsible for thousands of deaths as a result of sending infected patients to nursing homes, with Cuomo in NY leading the death toll.


    Through it all however, there are positives. We can now clearly see the enemy, which is every democrat in power and everyone who supports them. We can see now that Gates, who has spent his lifetime promoting population control and reduction, isn’t looking to save us with a vaccine that we don’t even need. We know now that they really do want to chip us and use the 5G technology to track us. This is the reason for the 6’ distancing. It has nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with needing distance between us to get accurate readings when tracking.


    We’ve learned that we aren’t “conspiracy theorists” but rather, there really is a huge satanic human trafficking organization at the highest levels of government, and not just our government as evidenced by Prince Andrews and others, including those who are screaming the loudest against our President in Hollywood and in Big Business. The trips to Epstein’s island by so many will hopefully become public as long as they do a better job at making sure that Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t get “Epsteined.”


    And we’ve learned that the human trafficking, torture, murder, and “spirit cooking” is worse than we ever thought. I’ve seen some of the images that were on Weiner’s laptop, and I refused to share them.


    Most of all, we know now who LOVES AMERICA and who HATES AMERICA. Perhaps this is the best single thing to come out of a Trump Presidency, because it’s now out in the open. There are really just two teams: Team Red, and Team Blue. Team Red consists of all of the PRO-AMERICANS led by Our Great President Trump. Team Blue consists of all of the ANTI-AMERICANS lead by George Soros, The DNC, all of their sister organizations, much of Hollywood, Big Business, and the Globalists throughout the world who don’t want their activities to be known to the world.


    With this in mind, our job is clear. We must continue to spread the truth, to protect ourselves, and to do all we can do to make sure that we retake the House, increase our control in the Senate, and re-elect our beloved President. Once we do, in a second term, we should be able to take down the Deep State once and for all, arrest those who have betrayed our Country, and set us on a course that is right for America’s future.


    Along the way, we will encounter many who are Anti-American, and are looking to do America harm. These Marxist infiltrators are our enemies, just as if Russia itself landed on our soil. We must make sure that we do everything we can do to protect our Great Country at all costs, because we CANNOT be the generation that loses America. To do so would be devastating to our children, and to our grandchildren, but also to the entire world, because should America ever fall, the Globalists would control everything and the ramifications of this would render the world unrecognizable.


    So that’s the update from It’s funny that I recall when I first created PAO, a member commented that the name seemed a bit long. But as it turns out, it couldn’t have been more on point. In closing, squeeze your loved ones just a little tighter, and let’s dig in and bring the WH, Senate and House home on November 3rd so we can begin the real purge of draining the swamp and bring peace to America for generations to come!


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