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Rob Raskin wRites: America Has CANCER

  • For those of you who may not realize what we’re facing today, allow me to  sum it up in one small sentence.

    America has cancer, and I’m sad to report that its stage IV.

    What were seen today is an obvious assault on American sovereignty. And each day we find ourselves appalled by the anti-American behavior of the left. But it’s so much deeper than that and most people don’t realize it which is why I’ve chosen to write this article.


    For those who are familiar with cancer, the definition of stage IV is that it has metastasized to other organs. In the case of America’s cancer, the disease has spread from the children in America at the earliest ages and stages of life to the oldest of Americans. However, in addition it has spread to our very own government agencies to the highest levels.


    What is obvious is that many anti-Americans who would cheer over the demise of our country are in key and critical positions to help with the effort to destroy us from within. Many of the government agencies that are in place to protect us are working against us. Many of our elected officials who are in place to protect us are also working against us. Many of our citizens who should be celebrating us are also working against us.


    From day one, when our children are vaccinated within 24 hours of birth, the government has already taken control of their little bodies. The purpose of a vaccine is to help build antibodies and a child’s immune system cannot do that until their six-month-old. And yet, they won’t let you leave the hospital without having your baby vaccinated. In fact, if you put up enough of a fuss, they will probably label you as an unfit parent and take the child away completely.


    Vaccinations continue and so does the soaring rate of autism. And yet the pharmaceutical companies who produce the vaccines are immune from lawsuit. This gives them absolutely no incentive to work to make the vaccines safer.


    Even before the children start school, they're exposed to books, stories, music and television to plant the seeds of anti-American values.


    Once in school, we have essentially no control as parents over who their teachers are and what their curriculum is. In schools throughout the country they're teaching elementary school teachers about alternative sexual lifestyles, oral and anal sex, and all sorts of things that as parents we would not want our children to know so early in life while they are so young, innocent and impressionable.


    It used to be the case that taking your children to Disneyland was all wholesome family adventure. Today, Disneyland actually allows the gay pride parade to take place on their grounds on many of their properties in front of the children whose parents just paid $100 plus per ticket to get in only to be disgusted at forced to put their hands over their children’s eyes so as not to see nearly naked man dry humping one another.


    As the children continue in school, they learn more and more about how wonderful communism is, how horrible capitalism is, what a horrific country America is, and how religion is a clear sign of weakness. It’s really no wonder at all that the children grow up with no idea of America’s history, with a skewed view of what America is all about, and with the belief that participation trophies should be the norm, everyone should have an equal amount supplied by the government, and capitalism should be abolished along with religion.


    Once the children get into our universities, this is where the heavy-duty brainwashing continues. Billions of dollars are provided to the universities from our enemies in China and the Middle East as well as those who have been brought up to hate America. As a result, we have a huge number of anti-American professors teaching our young men and women a curriculum filled with anti-American propaganda.


    When we look Antifa, BLM and the Muslim brotherhood and all of the other terrorists that are currently on our streets supported by the Democratic Mayors and governors who are calling for the de-funding of our police departments there’s no magic to drawing the conclusion that there is a coordination from the top levels of government and the top levels of business all the way through the terrorist organizations to the elementary schools organizing and utilizing the very children that they had corrupted while we were busy working.


    But the picture that I’ve just painted is actually not the worst of it.


    There will come a time when we will need to engage the anti-American rioters who are burning down our cities, beating up our citizens, killing our police officers, and destroying our history.


    But my warning today is to make sure that when this time comes, that we do not under-estimate the enemy. The enemy has trained long and hard for this battle. Many thousands of anti-American fighters have been recruited from the prisons and trained in the art of guerrilla warfare. Many thousands more have crossed our southern border. Billions of dollars of military equipment went missing during the Obama years. Many mosques double as armories. There are 22 terrorist camps throughout the United States awaiting orders to mobilize.


    This however is not the main issue. While one is wise to never underestimate an enemy, we are certainly powerful enough to defeat ANY enemy we face. The issue is this:


    We must contain the amount of damage the enemy can do to our Country.


    We must assume that the enemy has a plan in place to execute in the event that we succeed in November taking back the House, increasing our majority in the Senate, and re-electing our President Trump. The Deep State knows that if this happens, and it is very likely to happen regardless of what the Deep State media tells us, they’re not going to fold and allow Barr and Durham to secure indictments, arrest most of the Obama administration and embarrass many of the leaders and billionaires throughout the world.


    There are major areas of major concern that we must pay attention to in order to defeat the enemy and take our Country back so that when we do, it’s still intact. We have to consider what their targets might be so we can take steps to secure them.


    First, America has a grid that is powered by transformers, and there are many of them throughout the Country. But there are a handful that are critical, meaning that if they were targeted and destroyed, the loss of the grid would be devastating to a large part of the Country. If this attack were to occur in the winter, and the major roads blocked, approximately 50% of America’s population would be dead by Spring.


    Second, are our nuclear power plants. Many don’t realize that due to budget cuts, some of our nuclear facilities don’t even have a guard at the gate. Depending on what type of equipment the enemy has, destroying a power plant would not only be devastating due to the loss of the plant, but it would render an undetermined area uninhabitable for many, many years.


    Third, is the use of dirty bombs in populated areas. Depending on how they’re built, they can destroy our key cities, airports, etc., making them uninhabitable as well. A coordinated attack of this nature would be devastating.


    Fourth, is poisoning our water supply. These are also unguarded but critical to our existence. An attack on our water supply would be equally as devastating as any of the other concerns.

    And fifth is our bridges, tunnels, trains, and docks throughout the Country. As Cuomo and De Blasio just succeeded in eliminating most of the NY Police, New York is now more vulnerable than ever to an attack of any of these critical parts of our infrastructure, and increased vulnerability is not limited to New York. LA, DC, CHICAGO, DC to name a few, currently have Anti-American enemies in charge of their state and would probably cheer for an attack of devastating magnitude.


    Perhaps this is why President Trump hasn’t moved quickly to put down the unrest. Federalizing the Guard and sending them in could generate a response by the enemy on a large scale, that we are currently not prepared for. Engaging the enemy right now without securing our most important and critical targets is not in the best interest of our Country.


    When a patient has stage IV cancer, the treatment is usually invasive, severe chemotherapy, and since it’s the last resort, there’s nothing to lose. Either you beat the cancer, and you live, or you don’t beat it and you die.

    This is where I see America right now. We have stage IV cancer. We’ve let it fester and it’s metastasized to every critical element that makes America’s heartbeat. We’re looking at the destruction of our cities, the beatings, the murders, the destruction of our history, and the breakdown of our way of life.


    But my warning is simple. It will take everything we have at our disposal to beat the cancer, and as with all cancer patients, the outcome is never certain, but there’s no choice. We have to fight to win, and if ANYONE can win, I’ll bet the farm on President Trump for the victory.


    MAGA 2020

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