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MAIL BALLOT FRAUD - 10 EASY WAYS! We need to Stop this.

    The Associated Press writes this tweet:

    Even as he accepted the GOP nomination, President Trump was raising questions about the integrity of the election. He again took issue with mail-in voting, "which experts say has proven remarkably safe."

    Which means that the AP is 100% Globalist, because the mail-in ballots are so fraught with fraud that it defies logic to say otherwise.

    Here are 10 quick ways that mail-in ballot fraud occurs:

    1. Here in Nevada, thousands upon thousands of ballots are mailed out to anyone who has registered to vote in the last 2 elections, regardless of whether they still live here in Nevada, or for that matter if they're alive at all or incarcerated.

    2. There is no signature required, so anyone can grab any number of these ballots, fill them out, and not be questioned.

    3. The ballots can be brought to the election board office, but they can also be deposited in drop boxes or mailed in, so there's no way to hold anyone accountable.

    4. "Volunteers" go to nursing homes, etc and "help" the patients to complete their ballots, and during the course of doing so they ask if the patient is a dem or a republican. This opens the door for the ballots that they are against to be tossed.

    5. We have seen postal carriers removing Trump signs from lawns and tossing ballots, so we know that this occurs.

    6. On the back of the envelope, after the street address number, it says: 4212D or 4212R depending on if you're a dem or a republican, opening the door for all "D's" or all "R's" to be tossed.

    7. Many republicans did not receive their ballots at all, and since we have no control over when they're mailed out or who they're mailed out to, this can be controlled internally.

    8. During the primary in June, many republicans received ballots that only had democrat choices on the ballot, and were told that they can choose to vote for a dem or not to vote, but there was no way to get them another ballot.

    9. We have no idea how many ballots are being counted, because we've seen many instances where there are thousands upon thousands of ballots that were "found" well after the "election" is over.

    10. The ballots that are being mailed out are going to tons of people who are not citizens and therefore have no right to vote in our "elections" but the dems do not recognize this which is why they keep adding illegals to the motor vehicles data base, which generates a ballot to be mailed to them. The same is true of felons who have not paid their dues, but there's no way to know which ones have paid them, and which have not, so everyone receives a ballot so no one in "disenfranchised."

    In conclusion, ANYONE who claims to be an "Expert" and then goes on to claim that there is "No Evidence Of Voter Fraud As A Result Of Mail-In Ballots" is either an IDIOT or knows FULLY WELL what they're doing. Since it's the Associated Press making the claim that there's "No Evidence" we can absolutely conclude that the A/P are partners in perpetrating the fraud of the perception of "honest results!"

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