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8 Weeks to Go, Let's Get Prepared! 2020 Election

  • Here we are, 8 weeks to November 3rd, and we know we will have an incredible mess on our hands at that point, even more so than we do right now, in terms of violence in our cities, even with an expected President Trump landslide.

    There are at least 20 states that are mailing out tons of ballots hoping to continue to count until they can declare a victory for Biden.
    In Michigan for example, they're actually telling us that on Election night President Trump will win by a landslide, but a week later, "after more ballots are counted," the outcome will be different.
    THEY'RE ACTUALLY TELLING US they're going to do everything then can do to steal the election!
    The stakes have never been higher. If they succeed, we'll descend into chaos and we'll look like Venezuela in the blink of an eye.
    We need to do all we can do to be proactive, meaning find out where they're counting the ballots and volunteer if you can to be our eyes on the ground.
    We can see that the Trump rallies have more support than ever, while the Biden camp has actually had "rallies" where only the press was present, and not ONE supporter!
    This won't stop the Deep State from doing everything they can do to steal the election, because for them, it's life or death, as they know they won't survive the next 4 years if President Trump, AG Barr, Durham, Reinell, and Giuliani remain intact.
    With 8 weeks left, we should also all be prepared by now with supplies, arms, and ammo as if we're going to war, because there's nothing to stop these enemy combatants that are being paid to cause destruction from coming to our neighborhoods except for you and me.
    Having teams of people that you can trust will be critical to survival if it comes down to this. And it may very well come down to this!
    I set up a website back in 2015 before President Trump threw his hat in the ring. This site details how to put a team together, what supplies to have, what skills are needed, etc. 
    I want to make the point that I don't sell anything or receive any income either directly or indirectly from any of our sites. They're all for one purpose only: To help my fellow Patriots to be prepared to defend your lives and property should it become necessary to do so.
    With regards to the much talked about civil war, this is exactly what the Deep State wants, which is for "we the people" to be divided and fighting with one another, while they sit back and watch us tear each other apart like rats fighting over 1 piece of cheese. We need to be smarter than this!
    On there's a tab that says "enemies." After the election, those who remain should be our primary focus. We all know the main anti-American enemies:
    The Squad
    Nadler, etc, but there are many more enemies on the list including every remaining democrat after the election.
    We need a targeted approach to remove Americas enemies from power, so we need an intelligent strategy so we're protecting ourselves from their street warriors, but more importantly we stay focused on removing the criminals who made it through the election intact from office.
    Those of you with ideas on this subject are more than welcome to email me so together, we can develop a strategy to stop the enemy from doing any more harm to our Country.
    There are so many fronts upon which we must fight to take our Country back. First and foremost we need to retake control of our Supreme Court because it's obviously compromised with 4 liberal judges plus John Roberts totally ignoring our US Constitution as if it doesn't exist.
    Then there's our military, which has been severely damaged by the termination of 139 Patriot Generals in favor of Generals who lean toward the Deep State's wishes instead of our President's command.
    And then of course are our religious freedoms, Constitutional rights, and on and on as the enemy has done everything in their power to literally shred our way of life, even going so far as to declare "The American Dream" to be "racist."
    We must start by doing all we can do to prevent President Trump's second term from being stolen from us.
    We must prepare to defend ourselves from the potential violence that may very well spread to the suburbs.
    And we must have a proactive, offensive plan to take our Country back should we not eliminate many of the enemies on November 3rd.
    We are past the point of just voting, posting, marching and talking to take our Country back. There's an old saying: "If you don't like the cookie, change the recipe." We've been following the same recipe since before we were born, and now we're on the verge of losing our Country!
    And as we all know, there is NO place else on Earth like the United States of America, so we have NO choice but to prepare to defend from what we may inevitably face.
    To put teams together, to review the checklist of supplies, and to read an article from a Bosnian Survivalist on what to do in the event we lose our grid for an extended period of time, please check out

    CATS stands for "Community Assistance Teams" and you'll be safer if you have people you can TRUST that form a team as suggested on the site.
    Needless to say, I love ALL of my fellow Patriots, and I want every single one of you to be able to successfully prevent the theft of a second term by President Trump, to successfully defend your lives and property should it become necessary, and together, to develop a strategy to take our Country back from enemies in our midst.
    God Bless each and every one of you, and God Bless America!!!