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Q NEWS: What the Future Holds

  • My friends, I’m NOT an alarmist. I’m not. BUT , I heard something tonight that scared the pants off me.
    Many of you know me “in person” and not just on Facebook, and you know that I have many contacts all through government that I’ve developed over decades of service. I’m nothing special but I do have these avenues.
    I was told TODAY that on or soon after Election Day a true revolt and uprising will take place. It’s being organized now.
    This came from someone who is in government and who told me he’s extremely concerned. I cannot tell you WHO told me this. I can only tell you I’m taking heed. This man NEVER shares this information freely EVER.
    He said to me the following:
    In the next two months an uprising is coming and the government is preparing for Nationwide Marshall Law.
    1: He said to immediately stock up on goods needed to survive and support life for your family : Food, Water, paper goods , defensive weapons (bullets etc) and a amazingly he emphasized having on hand spare fuel and a generator. He is worried for HIS FAMILY. (Again with his position that statement shocked me).
    2: He told me the anarchist groups that are growing in this nation daily will begin with much larger and broader protests then they are having now and they will move them swiftly into suburbia. They will have Democrat hierarchy support.
    They will employ “Shock and Awe” tactics. They will employ “lock-downs” that are mandatory to minimize organized public resistance.
    He told me that this is not hyperbole but they have people on the inside verifying the planning. This information is quietly going to law enforcement agency’s nationwide. Bounty’s are on law enforcement heads especially. They are well funded.
    3: If Trump wins, the left will (and is actively planning) to lash out at law enforcement nationwide and against the civilian population for putting Trump back in office. They will seek death of innocents (such as the two deputies in California and children ) as payback for their loss of power. Trump WILL and is preparing to declare MARTIAL LAW NATIONWIDE.
    If Biden wins, the LEFT will (and is actively planning) to unleash fury on the nation and citizenry as payback for the past four years of Trump.
    Biden and Harris will sit back and let this happen. Biden will openly advocate for the further de-funding of the majority of police nationwide and Harris will rule by proxy.
    Again, you know I have never been an alarmist but the source of this information and his place in government is unimpeachable. Again, I was SHOCKED by the source of the info and it is a person I trust implicitly.
    He told me that BLM and related fringe groups must AND WILL be destroyed by force and that plans are being made to do this and restore law and order. But, until all this comes to pass it’s going to get bad even in the rural areas so the left can have maximum “shock and awe” effect and drive fear into the nation to submit to BLM and the democrat new order.
    To lay it out plainly, he is talking of a true civil war brewing and they are preparing for it at the highest levels.
    I am taking what I heard tonight seriously and we are preparing. I implore you to do so as well.