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  • Today is the Anniversary of the shooting at Mandalay Bay that left 59 dead and hundreds injured.
    And that's the only thing that we'll ever know for certain, because I was on the police band within 5 minutes of the start of the shooting.
    I clearly heard multiple reports of multiple shooters, all of which was ultimately suppressed.
    I clearly heard Paddock being identified as the lone shooter, with his "dossier" growing daily, even though he had no training and no motive.
    Though 59 people died, ballistics were never released to tie back to the gun(s) that were used.
    The story changed several times between Paddock killing himself, and Paddock being shot by security. The pictures showed Paddock laying in the room on his back wearing plain clothing, white socks and penny loafers. And the angle didn't line up with being shot through the door.
    There were multiple witnesses who were outspoken in media interviews adamant about multiple shooters. Many of these outspoken witnesses who survived the event died under suspicious circumstances shortly after the event.
    The police band in Las Vegas was ultimately changed so that citizens can no longer access the channel to hear what's happening.
    There was a sheik staying on the top floor of the hotel who rumor has it was the target of a black op. There was also rumor of 3 operatives actually being caught on their way back to the Philippines. But the official investigation was closed without any mention, so I guess we are supposed to believe that one man with no training and no motive, who Steve Wynn said was known, was a small-time gambler, and who always paid his debts, was the lone perp that night.
    And as one final tidbit, Soros sold much of his stock in the months leading up to this event, and then subsequently bought it back at a much lower rate after the event.
    But then again, Soros also moved the offices of his shipping company that transports goods from China to the US in the months prior to the attack on 09/11, breaking a 14-year lease to do so. But as we've been told, the 09/11 attack was perpetrated by 19 Saudi Nationals, so how would Soros have known to relocate his offices to China? He must just be lucky.
    And as one last thought, if the Saudi's did perpetrate the attack on America utilizing 19 of its citizens, then why didn't we attack and replace the Saudi regime for perpetrating such a horrific act on America? It would have been easy for us to do so, because since the Saudi's are "allies" we have bases in Saudi Arabia. We already have our military there. Any yet, the Saudi's took it on their own accord, as our ally, and with our military right there in our Country, to attack our Towers and kill 3000 people including children on a Tuesday morning.
    I suppose our immediate attack on Iraq in retaliation for something that our ally in Saudi Arabia did makes sense, because that's what we've been told. And we attacked based on the imminent danger because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, because that's what we've been told. When we didn't find any weapons of mass destruction, it was because they moved them, because yes, that's also what we've been told.
    And as one last tidbit, building 7, which housed critical evidence against the Deep State, collapsed on its own from the weight of the debris from the towers at 5pm, over 8 hours after the attack on the towers. We know that building 7 collapsed, because that's what we were told. The 32-year Fire Chief who said he distinctly heard the detonation of explosives that brought building 7 down must have been mistaken. And BBC news reported that building 7 collapsed a full 5 minutes BEFORE it collapsed, so their ability to see the future is something that I think we should all marvel.
    Today, Christopher Wray, the Director of the FBI, is telling us three things. He's telling us that arson is not an issue with regards to almost 4 MILLION acres of land in California, Oregon and Washington that have been destroyed this year so far. It's probably just climate change, because that's what we've been told. Isn't it interesting that climate change is so smart, that it knows to stop destroying the forest at the Washington/Canadian border?
    Wray is telling us that there's no evidence of voter fraud due to mail-in ballots. So all of the articles that we see must be fantasy written by people who have nothing else to do, and all the pictures of ballots that have been undelivered, disregarded and/or sold must be just to entertain, because that's what we've been told.
    And finally, Wray is telling us that ANTIFA is just an "ideology," so all of the business owners and residents of Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, New York, Chicago, and Louisville are probably wondering how an "ideology" is burning down their cities, destroying monuments, raping, robbing and murdering them. All while President Trump readies to declare ANTIFA a terror organization, and all while Barr uses federal law to arrest the perpetrators.
    Then again, perhaps there's nothing going on in any of the aforementioned cities, because after all, that's what we've been told.
    My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones in each of these events, and I hope that time helps to heal. But if we are to retake control of our great Country, I can say with certainty that it starts by taking back the House, increasing our majority in the Senate, reelecting President Trump, and confirming Justice Barrett.
    Otherwise, we'll be wearing masks and taking forced vaccinations forever, because, you guessed it, that's what we've been told!