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Rob Raskin wRites: Who would we be at war with?

  • Today a friend asked: "Who would we be at war with?"
    One of my friends put it best:
    "If they're not us, they're them" meaning that we know who we are, Patriots of our Country behind Trump. Everyone else is the enemy, including BLM, ANTIFA, DNC, CCP, etc. They're all part of the Deep State and are all intent on destroying America.
    They let over 100,000 prisoners out of prison in the last several months, plus there are still 22 terrorist compounds throughout the US just waiting for orders. They've been recruiting and training in guerrilla warfare for years now, both in upstate NY in Islamberg (formerly Hancock) and in the middle east. The 3 gals in charge of the BLM are self-proclaimed trained Marxists whose goal is to destroy America. They're backed by the entire DNC from Soros to Obama to Biden to Pelosi to Schumer the Squad. And the democrat governors and mayors in the blue states have for the most part allowed them to burn their cities down as they do as they're told.
    My intel is telling me that they're expecting a war on our soil the likes of which we've never seen. I believe we'll put it down pretty quickly, but the only reason it's gotten this far is that Trump ran into trouble getting the generals who were replaced by Obama and are sympathetic to the Deep state from acting to clean up the cities. However, I've also been told that whether the Generals agree or not, when Trump gives the marines a direct order, they will follow it and clean up our cities.
    Concerns include taking out our transformers which would disable our power grids, poisoning our reservoirs, taking our bridges, tunnels and dams, and attacking our nuclear facilities, many of which don't even have 1 guard stationed on premises due to budget cuts. We also have no idea how much equipment they have, but we can assume that they have quite a cache of munitions since billions of dollars of military equipment went missing during the Obama years. And we've had a porous border during the Obama regime, during which time enemies have actually been filmed coming over the border with rocket launchers and missiles.
    Many of the mosques double as armories, and the biggest population of Palestinians outside of Gaza are located in Paterson NJ, just 26 miles from NYC. They can reach and take out the Stock Exchange easily, and then there's the whole concept of dirty bombs that would render our major cities uninhabitable.
    Maybe nothing bad happens, Trump gets reelected, the Deep State criminals are all arrested, and life goes on. But these are the things that are of major concern as intel continues to come in.
    I will keep you posted, and you can join my social media platform, It's free and there's plenty of conservative information, and I write articles that are posted on the blog there.


    Rob Raskin
    Founder of

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